The Lord of the Rings

J. R. R. Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings

Three Rings for the Elven - kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf - lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING - Being the First Part of the Lord of the Rings


Chapter I - A Long - expected Party

Bilbo Baggins, owner of Bag End, decided to left his home on his 111 birthday. He celebrated a big birthday party which included his birthday and the birthday of his cousin and heir Frodo Baggins, who became 33 years old. Bilbo was a very old guy, even for a Hobbit, and, despite of his 111 years, he was in a very good shape. He had a secret which he kept very well and the only two persons which knew of it were Frodo and Bilbo’s old friend, the wizard Gandalf. This great secret was a magical ring, which Bilbo found on a journey long ago. This ring had the power to make its bearer invisible. It was very useful to Bilbo many times and so he ever had it in his pocket.
But Bilbo decided, also on Gandalf’s advise, to left his ring to his heir Frodo and disappear from the shire, how the Hobbits call their land, forever. At his birthday - party Bilbo held a speech and in the end disappeared in a flash (with aid by Gandalf). He left his ring and all his money to Frodo and left Bag End, and he never returned. Because of the powers of the ring (which are not only to make its bearer invisible, but unlike mightier) Bilbo had problems to leave his ring, but Gandalf helped him to do so.
Now Frodo was the owner of Bag End, and he was also the bearer of the ring, which would become a hard burden, but he knew nothing of it right now.

Chapter II - The Shadow of the Past

Frodo lived long as the Master of Bag End and he was very lucky. On the advise of Gandalf he used the ring never but he held it as a secret like Bilbo before. One day, years after Bilbo’s party, Gandalf visited Frodo and he had bad new. He had found out that the ring was even mightier than they had ever believed and he thought of it as the long lost master ring of the evil Dark Lord. He tested the ring and threw it into fire and after this last test they could read signs on the clear gold of the ring. And this was it, they read:
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
This was the last test and after it Gandalf knew that his thought was right: this was the Masterring, the one ring of Sauron, the Dark Lord, who dwellt in Mordor, in the land of darkness. Gandalf told Frodo that the ring was a great danger for him and all people around and he had to bring it away. He told him to bring the ring to Rivendell, where the wise Elrond lived, the half - elf, wisest of all living beings, master in old lore. His counsel should be taken in this business. As they talked this dark things, Gandalf caught Sam, Frodos gardener who watched them and he told him to speak to no one of their speech. He also told him to follow Frodo on his journey because it would be dangerous and Frodo could have great need to a good and loyal follower.

Chapter III - Three is Company

Frodo decided to leave the Shire, but he would not leave it like Bilbo, and disappear, because this would be to conspicuous. Frodo therefore bought a small house in Crickhollow and he let everybody think he was short of money and therefore left Bag End. He gave Bag End to his relatives, the Sackville - Bagginses. Gandalf left Frodo long before because of his own business. Frodo left Bag End with his closest friends Sam and Peregrin (who was called Pippin) at the night of his 50 birthday, September the 20th. In the same night a stranger asked for Baggins at the door of old Hamfast Gamgee, Sam’s father. Because of his strange and terrible shape, the little company used the meadows for their way, to avoid being seen.
They went through the woods and met the stranger again, but hid before him. He was a strange person, tall but hunchbacked, with a black cloak and a hood to hide his face. The stranger nearly caught them, as suddenly some elves appeared and helped them. The leader of the elves was Gildor. He knew them very well and he told his company to give them food and a hiding place.

Chapter IV - A Short Cut to Mushrooms

As they woke up the next morning, the elves were gone but had left them a good breakfast. They decided to go cross - country through the woods, to avoid meeting the dark stranger again. The elves does not want to tell them of their persistent hunter, but they warned them to be careful. They also told them that it won’t be the only hunter, so there are more than one. As they fled through the woods, they heard an unnatural cry and thought of their hunters but they had no sign of anyone a long time. As they came out of the woods, they went cross the fields of a farmer Pippin knew and had a good dinner at his home. They heard that even here a dark clothed stranger had asked after Baggins and they were frightened of this news. At the evening they made for the ferry across the river Brandywein, which split the Shire into two parts. After they had set on the other side, they saw a dark shadow look after them from the other river bank. Here they met their good friend Meriadoc Brandybuck, simply called Merry, who had prepared Frodo’s house in Crickhollow for their arrival.

Chapter V - A Conspiracy Unmasked

In the safety of their house, they talked together and Frodo became aware, that his secret of his ring was not held good enough. All his friends knew of his magic ring and wanted to go with him, if he left the Shire. Frodo don’t wanted to bring his friends endangered but he was very happy about their decision. Frodo wanted to wait for Gandalf, which had met them already in Bag End, but as he don’t comes, the little Company went out alone.

Chapter VI - The Old Forest

To avoid being caught by the "black riders", as they called their hunters, they decided to use the way through the Old Forest, to get out of the Shire. This was an old, ugly and enchanted place, which anybody avoided. The Old Forest was called evil and somehow alive. Everybody who dares to enter it, won’t come out. But as there was no other way, the four Hobbits took their way through the Old Forest. As they are nearly through, the forest won’t let them through and he drove them south instead of east, which was their direction. So the reached a small brook called Withywindle, which flew into the Brandywine after the forest. There they are caught by an old, evil tree, and in greatest danger a strange small person appeared along the way. He called himself Tom Bombadil, the master of the forest. He had a very powerful song of spellkind, which intimidated the old tree (which he called Old Willow - man) and so the willow let the Hobbits free. They followed Tom to his home, where they met his wife Goldberry and left the Old Forest with more luck than mind.

Chapter VII - In the House of Tom Bombadil

The Hobbits dwelt in Tom’s House some days and they were very lucky there. His house was a place to forget every evil thing, and they almost forgot the black riders. They had good meals and talked long with Tom about their journey. He told them of his life and they found out that Tom was almost the eldest living being on earth. He had walked through the eldest forests long before the elves. He had seen the world in every shape and he had lived to see all the great battles between the elves and the great fiend Morgoth, which was even greater than Sauron, in the old times of the world. Tom tried the ring, but he had no power over him, so he doesn’t disappear.
The Hobbits had a lucky time on their two days, which they lived at Bombadil’s house. But after this they knew that they had to go. So they prepared for their journey with a hard hearth.

Chapter VIII - Fog on the Barrow - Downs

The next day they went on and left Tom’s house by the eastern side. They made for the Barrow - Downs, which had almost the same fame as the Old Forest. Everyone avoided them if he could, because there are evil spirits at night and it was very dangerous then. But the way across the Barrow - Downs saved much time, so the Hobbits tried it and thought of crossing them by one day. They had no intention of spending a night on this foul place, so they made for speed. But with bad fortune they made a rest and fell asleep, and as they woke up, a thick fog has been built and they are on a small hill like on an island in the fog. They tried to make their way to the street in the north, but in the supernatural fog they lost the right way and came only deeper into the territory of the Barrow - Wights, the evil spirits of the Barrow - Downs. They lost each other and the only survivor was Frodo. But he was also caught and as he woke up a second time, he was in a Barrow - Down. With aid of Tom Bombadil (which had learned them a song to call him in danger) the Hobbits left the foul place and made their way for Bree, a small city on the foot of the Bree - land.

Chapter IX - At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

The Hobbits reached Bree at nightfall and went in on the search of a inn, called the Prancing Pony, which was recommended by Tom Bombadil. As they reached it, they got a room and the landlord Barliman Butterbur served them at best he could. In the common - room they were received very friendly, but Frodo hide his real name of Baggin and called himself Underhill. As everyone wanted a song of a Hobbit, Frodo sang for them but as a great mishap he used his ring unintentional and everyone retired from him and his friends. There Frodo met a strange tall man, which called himself Strider. The stranger offered Frodo to guide him to Rivendell, but Frodo was very suspicious. As he discussed the guidance of Strider with his friends, Butterbur brought a letter of Gandalf to him. Gandalf wanted Butterbur to send the letter to Bag End, but the busy landlord had forgotten it, and so Frodo got it only now. In the letter Gandalf mentioned an old friend called Strider and so Frodo took Strider as their guide to Rivendell.

Chapter X - Strider

Strider, whose real name was Aragorn, was a ranger of the northern lands and knew Gandalf a really long time. He gave an advise to let their rooms untouched and sleep in the common room to avoid an attack by the black riders, which were seen in Bree some time before. And really, in the night the black riders broke in the inn and destroyed the rooms of the Hobbits completely. They also let all horses and ponies free, so the Hobbits, which had decided to leave Bree early in the morning, had no riding animals any more. They bought the only pony in whole Bree, which had not driven away - small animal, death nearer than life - but they had no choice. So they left Bree guided by Strider in the direction of Rivendell.

Chapter XI - A Knife in the Dark

On their way to Rivendell they made for the Weathertop - mountain, on Strider’s advice, because of looking around and checking the surrounding country. As they had nearly reached it, they saw a strange fire burning on its top. As they reached it, they found it totally charred and Strider found a note, which perhaps was of Gandalf. By watching the country from the high mountain - top they discovered their hunters down on the road. For protecting themselves, they made their camp in a small dell on the foot of the mountain. In the night the black riders attacked and now there were five of them. According to a mighty mental command, Frodo used his ring, and now appeared more clearly to the ghostly enemies. Their leader attacked him with a magical dagger and Frodo fell down with a heavy wound. With his last strength he put of the ring, so his friends were able to find him.

Chapter XII - Flight to the Ford

Frodo’s wound was very badly, but Strider knew some healing herbs and so he eased Frodo’s pain. The company made their way straight to Rivendell, using the woods to avoid being caught. As they were near the valley of Rivendell, they met an elf, called Glorfindel, who was a friend of Strider’s. He helped them to get closer to Elrond’s home, but on the last few hundred meters, their hunters caught them nearly and Frodo escaped only with luck and the fast horse of Glorfindel. He crossed the last river between Rivendell and the surrounding lands, called Mitheitel, by the only ford and the following black riders were washed away by a great wave, summoned by Elrond and Gandalf, who has reached Rivendell some time before. The company was now save after the horrible events of the last weeks and could rest in Rivendell to get the counsel of Elrond.


Chapter I - Many Meetings

When Frodo woke up, he felt better and he asked Gandalf, who sat by his bed, for the events after the last assault at the ford. He told him that the whole hunting group of black riders was washed away, down the Mitheitel. That could not destroy them, but killed their mounts and slowed them down. Gandalf said, that they first had to visit their master in Mordor and only then they could resume their hunt for the ring.
Frodo recovered very fast from his wound (which was more dangerous than anybody thought of) and then met many people in Rivendell. He saw Elrond, master of the house, and his daughter, Arwen, eveningstar of her folk. He met many elves and other folks, who were at Rivendell this time. And he met Bilbo, who had come to Rivendell after his great birthday - party many years ago. They had much to discuss, but then Frodo went back to bed, because his recovering has not finished yet, and sleep was the best medicine.

Chapter II - The Council of Elrond

Some days later, Elrond gathered all important persons present in Rivendell, who had business with the ring, to a council. They talked the whole day and discussed the matter of the ring. Many people had something to add, and in the end they had completed the story of the ring, since it got lost.
After the great battle to defeat Sauron the first time, Isildur, the King of the Northern Men, took the ring as a kind of weirtax for his killed Father. He journeyed back to the north, but he was shot by Orcs (evil creatures, created by the evil foe himself) and lost the ring in the great stream of Anduin. Years later the ring was found by a creature called Gollum. He took the ring under the mountains and it vanished from the surface. The Bilbo found it by chance and took it out of the deep caverns. So the ring was on the surface again and the dark lord began again to search for it. Bilbo possessed the ring many years and used it many times and so the evil powers of the ring began to get control of Bilbo. This was shown as he wanted to left it for Frodo. Gandalf nearly had to use his powers to calm him down. Bilbo began to call the ring his precious, as Gollum had before. After the birthday - party Frodo got the ring and his story is written above.
The council discussed what they had to do with the ring, and they decided to destroy it. So a small group of nine people was chosen to bring the ring to Mount Doom in Mordor, where it was made, and only could be destroyed. The party consisted of at least one person for the free nations of Middle - Earth: Frodo the ringbearer and his three friends Sam, Pippin and Merry for the Hobbits, Aragorn (Strider) for the men of the north, Legolas of Mirkwood for the elves, Gimli, son of Gloin, for the Dwarfs, Boromir, envoy of Minas Tirith, for the men of south and Gandalf for the wizards.
Bilbo gave Frodo secretly his mithril - chainmail, which was a present of the Dwarfs and he gave him his magical sword sting. Frodo wore his chainmail under his normal clothes and talked to noone of this armour.
Gandalf was the leader of the party and they left Rivendell soon after the council.

Chapter III - The Ring goes South

The party went south along the Misty Mountains and made forward to some point to cross them. As Gandalf was their leader, the others decided to follow his advice and made for the Redhorn Pass. They reached it some weeks later without bother by any creatures. But as they climbed up the Mountain (which was called Caradhras), strong snowfall started and they are driven back to the foot of the Redhorn. So they decided to use the dark path, which leads under the Misty Mountains, through the mines of Moria. Though Boromir suggested to round the mountains in the south and use the so called Gap of Rohan to get on the other side of the mountains, Gandalf don’t wanted to, because the wizard Saruman, who was of the order of Gandalf, had become evil and himself reached for the ring to become more powerful. This evil person, Saruman the White, had his home near the Gap of Rohan and no one could know what he would do to get the ring if he heard that it would come within his reach.
So, finally they decided to use the darker path, although Boromir was against it.

Chapter IV - A Journey in the Dark

They reached the foot of the mountain where once the doors of Moria had been. This mine was an old Dwarfen site, which had been abandoned long ago. There the Dwarfs had digged to deep for their favourite metal, mithril, of which Frodo’s chainmail was made of. This metal could be forged like copper, and polished like glass. Mithril was a metal, light but yet harder than tempered steel. It had a glimmer like normal silver, but it did not tarnish or grow dim. And as they digged, the Dwarfs woke an evil, much to old and to strong for them, and they fled away. All attempts to retake the mines had failed.
As the company reached the doors, a great black lake had built up before them, and they had to round it first. As they after a while finally found the magic word to open the doors, a strange but powerful guard who lived in the lake, woke up and attacked them with his tentacle - like arms. The company fled into the mines but the tentacles closed the doors and blocked them. So they had no chance to get back, and had to cross the mines now.
After many mazelike ways they finally reached the other side of the mines. There they found a chamber with many bones, as of an old battle. There they found a Grave in which was engraved: BALIN SON OF FUNDIN, LORD OF MORIA
This Balin, who was a friend of Bilbo’s, had tried to reconquer the mines, but for over 30 years nothing was heard of him. Now it was clear that the assault on Moria (or Khazad - Dum as the Dwarfs called it in their tongue) has failed.

Chapter V - The Bridge of Khazad - Dum

Moreover the company found an old book, which they identified as the story of Balin’s folk until they had reached Moria 30 years ago. The book ended with an assault of the Orcs, which had taken the mines after the great evil, which the Dwarfs called Durin’s bane, had arrived at Moria. And now, like a bad horoscope, the party also heard the drums beat and the Orcs cry. They blocked the chamber of Balin‘s grave and escaped through another door but Gandalf remained at the door to close it by magic. Here a great power appeared and nearly destroyed the old wizard but he escaped and the whole chamber collapsed. The party now ran for the exit, and they nearly reached it. But as they were almost out, the great power reappeared and the whole company was shocked. It was a Balrog. A monster, created by the evil Morgoth, God of Darkness, hundreds of centuries ago. He had slept under the mountains, until the Dwarfs disturbed him and now he was the master of the mines. In a final fight on the bridge before the exit, Gandalf and the Balrog fell down in an deep chasm and disappeared. The others, sad about their great loss, left the mines through the eastern gate and never got their later.

Chapter VI - Lothl贸rien

After their escape from Moria, the company went through the woods of Lothl贸rien, which lay near the eastern gate of Khazad - Dum. This woods were inhabited by elves, related to Legolas. There they noticed Frodos chainmail first, because of curing a wound he got in the mines.
The lord and the lady of L贸rien (which is a short form of the name), Celeborn and Galadriel, took them very friendly and offert them to stay for a while to recover from their wounds. It was the finest rest on their journey since Rivendell, and they stayed long in L贸rien.

Chapter VII - The Mirror of Galadriel

One time, when Frodo and Sam walked alone through the capital - city of the Elves, which was built in the top of the trees, Galadriel came to them and offert them something like a look in the future. There Frodo saw Gandalf walking, although he was dead, but now in white instead of grey cloth, and for the first time he saw his enemy, the dark lord Sauron, who searched for him. But he could not find him, because the land of L贸rien was protected by nearly the same power as his. The lady Galadriel, Frodo now knew, was one of the bearers of the three Elven - rings and this power protected the land.

Chapter VIII - Farewell to L贸rien

After they had rested long in the land of L贸rien, the time to say goodbye to the Elves had come. They gave them new cloaks, made of Elvenstuff, which made them nearly invisible in any natural landscape and especially in woods. They also gave them boats to easy their journey. As Gandalf was dead, Aragorn had become leader of the party. He had decided to take the river for their journey, because it was much easier and faster than walking.
As they had nearly left the land, the lord and the lady invented them to a feast on the shore of the river. There they gave them special presents, unique and special for anyone of them. Aragorn got a sheath for his sword And煤ril and a great green gem in a silver brooch, which was the stone of Elessar, the Elfstone of the house of Elendil, Aragorns ancestors. Boromir got a golden belt; and Merry and Pippin got silver ones. For Legolas she had a bow, longer and stouter than his own bow. For Sam she had a special present. Nothing to help him on his journey but for the time after the war. She gave him a box with L贸rien - earth, which would make his garden the fairest ever seen in Middle - Earth. For Frodo she had a crystal - light which should lighten the darkness he would encounter. It was the light of the silmarils, she said, and it should lighten his way, where any other light should end. They also gave everyone of them coats, which would make them near invisible and a special kind of waybread they called lembas. These lembas would give them enough strength to walk a whole day and they were very small and took little space in their equipment.
After this, the company made their way on the great river to go south, closer to the end of their long journey.

Chapter IX - The Great River

They rowed down the great river Anduin in the elvenboats, because that made their journey faster and easier than on foot. In the first boat their where Aragorn, Frodo and Sam, in the second boat Merry, Pippin and Boromir and in the third Legolas and Gimli, who had become very good friends, and the main part of their equipment.
On their way southwards Sam and Frodo noticed a secret follower of the company. Gollum has found their track and followed them for a chance to steal the ring. They posted guards, but Gollum never showed himself to them.
Suddenly at nightfall Sam, who was made a watchman in the first boat gave a cry, because before him the rapids of Rauros, the wildest place of the great Anduin with a great waterfall. In the same time there was an unexpected attack by Orcs form the eastern shore and they had to fear their enemies arrows just as the rapids. With a great afford they reached the western shore and looked across the river. Suddenly a great black cloudlike creature arose and Legolas fired his bow at this shadow. With a cry of anger and pain the creature disappeared and they heard the Orcs moan about the black thing.
They carried the boats on a way all around the rapids and then set them to water again. They rowed down the river and suddenly got to the borders of Gondor, marked by the Argonath, the pillars of the kings: two statues of Anarion and Isildur, the former kings of Gondor in the south and Arnor in the north, Aragorns ancestors of old. Thereafter they had no plan where to go, so they searched for a landing place to discuss their next steps.

Chapter X - The Breaking of the Fellowship

The company found a small lawn at the feet of a small hill. The hill was called Amon Hen - the hill of seeing. On the other side of the river their stood its counterpart, Amon Lhaw - the hill of hearing. There they made a rest to get their strength back and discuss their way. Frodo left the company for thinking and the others remained on the lawn. But Boromir secretly followed Frodo and tried to change his decision of going to Mordor, because he wanted the ring save and within his reach in Minas Tirith. He tried to force Frodo to give him the ring, but Frodo used it and became invisible. He ran up the hill and sat on the great throne of stone there. With the power of the ring and the magic of the seat, he saw whole Middle - Earth as it was lying on a table under him. Everywhere he looked he saw war and fire so his decision to destroy the ring became harder than before.
The company discovered the missing of Boromir and Frodo and so they wanted to find them. Boromir returned but said nothing, so they called for Frodo because they feared Orcs have caught him. The whole company split up and ran into the small forest on the edge of the lawn. When everybody had disappeared, Frodo returned and wanted to take a boat to depart without any of his friends, because he does not wanted to endanger one of them. But Sam, who followed Aragorn, guessed Frodos decision and returned in the last minute to the lawn. So he and Frodo made their way to the eastern shore to get into Mordor and destroy the ring.

THE TWO TOWERS - Being the Second Part of the Lord of the Rings


Chapter I - The Departure of Boromir

Boromir, who has found his mind again and repent his action against Frodo, followed the two little Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, to guard them. In the moment he reached them, they were attacked by Orcs, who had hid in the forest. He killed many of the Orcs but finally they shot him with their bows and took the Hobbits away. But Aragorn heard Boromir, who blew his horn for help, but when he reached him it was too late. Boromir told him everything about his and Frodo’s last discussion and then he died in Aragorn’s arms. Legolas and Gimli also came to late and they found no trail of the Hobbits. As they returned to the camp, they discovered Frodo and Sam gone with a boat and so the company has broken at last. The three remaining companions set Boromir in a boat and gave him to the river. Then they took their backpacks and made for a hunt to follow the Orcs.

Chapter II - The Riders of Rohan

They followed the trail of the Orcs all the day and also at night and they halted only for small rests. They had the trail clear before them and so they followed it without exhaustion. On their second day they found a sign of the Hobbits - a golden buckle of a L贸rien - coat. Despite this riddle they had new strength to follow the trail. On their third day they made a rest by night and when they awakened in the morning they followed the trail again. But now the Orcs are gone very far away and they thought to give up, as a new sound was in the air. They noticed riders in the north and so they waited for them to get news about their trail.
As the riders arrived, the three companions recognised them as Rohirrim - People who dwelt in this land, also called Riders of Rohan. The leader of the riders, 脡omer, third marshal of the Riddermark, told them, that they had killed the Orcs near the borders of Fangorn, the old Forest in the north of their land, but he saw no sign of any Hobbits or something similar. The riders had burned everything there and the hunters won’t find anything. Despite this, the riders lent them two horses (one for Aragorn and one for Legolas and Gimli, because the Dwarf was a bad rider) and showed them the right direction. So the three hunters followed the Orctrail to its end on horseback.
As they reached the borders of Fangorn they found only the fireplace where the Riders had burned the Orcs but no sign of their friends.

Chapter III - The Uruk - Hai

In the meantime the Hobbits are in the hands of the evil Orcs. They recognised that the Orcs had to bring them alive to Isengard where their master, Saruman, would question them. Pippin, who was in better conditions than Merry, managed it on the second day of their journey through Rohan to drop his buckle from his L贸rien - coat to leave a sign for their following friends. The Orcs pushed them along their way without any rest, but gave them some Orc - liquid to remobilize their power.
Pippin recognised that there were two captains in the Orc - band. Ugl煤k, leader of the Isengarders and Grishn谩kh, the leader of the Mordor - Orcs. So the group was split by the two leaders and Pippin thought of his advantages in the pre - programmed quarrel. In a small struggle, when Ugl煤k showed his position by killing five Mordor - Orcs, Pippin managed it to loosen his tied hands.
When the group had nearly reached the Fangorn - Forest, a band of riders cut their way and involved them in battles. In this confused situation the two Hobbits managed it to flee and, without any knowledge of the land, they went into the Fangorn - Forest.

Chapter IV - Treebeard

Pippin and Merry walked through the Forest without any plan and so they reached a high mountain plateau. From there they could see the whole Forest and they liked it. Suddenly a strange creature, half tree, half man appeared behind them and introduced himself as "Fangorn", which meant in the common tongue "Treebeard". He called himself the watcher of the Fangorn - Forest and the oldest being under the sun. He said he was of the old race of Ents, the treemen, which dwelt in every forest in the days of old. But now, he said, there are few of them and the woods are shrinking. They told them of their journey and how they had come to Fangorn and so they decided to ask the other Ents for a battle against Saruman. Treebeard disliked him also because of his cruel Orcs, who cut down his forest and destroyed his trees. So Treebeard invited all the other Ents he knew to an "Entmoot", a meeting of the Ents in an important matter. Because of the language of the Ents (they are very slow speaking and their tongue was very indolent), Treebeard gave the two Hobbits to an other Ent he knew, Bregalad or Quickbeam, to take care of them. Bregalad had decided to attack Saruman and so he don’t needed to be present at the Enthing. The other Ents talked three days and then they decided to attack Saruman and destroy Isengard. So a great army of Ents and Huorns (animated trees, but no Ents!) moved against Isengard and on its top there were Treebeard and Pippin and Merry.

Chapter V - The White Rider

When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli on the next day found traces of the Hobbits leading into Fangorn Forest they followed them at once. There they found Treebeards plateau and climbed up for a better view. Suddenly a strange person appeared from below out of the forest. He was dressed all in white and they first thought it was Saruman, but beyond any hope Gandalf had returned to them. He had survived the battle with the Balrog and had returned to the last remains of the fellowship as fast as possible. Now he was dressed all in white and his power was greater then ever before.
The group went out of the forest and rode on towards the Golden Hall, Meduseld, where Th茅oden King, the lord of Rohan, dwelt in the city of Edoras.

Chapter VI - The King of the Golden Hall

When they reached Edoras they are taken before the king. Gandalf knew his counsellor as a servant of Saruman and unmasked him before the whole staff of the kings hall. Then he advised Th茅oden to gather his men and ride towards Helm’s Deep, an ancient fortress in the mountains where he could await the assault of Saruman.
After short time the army of Rohan rode in the direction of Helm’s Deep, gathering everyone they met on their way. Th茅oden himself led his men in battle and with him rode 脡omer, the third marshal of the Mark and Aragorn, Arathorns son and Legolas the elf and Gimli the dwarf and Gandalf, new counsellor of the king, rode forward as a scout on his horse Shadowfax, fastest of all horses and lord of the mearas (this horses normally are reserved for the king of the Mark, but Th茅oden had given it as a present to Gandalf).

Chapter VII - Helm’s Deep

They rode forward by night and by day and came ever closer to Helm’s Deep. After half the way Gandalf left the army and rode towards the north. He does not speak of his duty but said to meet them at Helm’s Deep. In the night Saruman’s army of Orcs and evil men had nearly reached them. He had sent them into war when he had heard of Th茅odens departure.
The Rohirrim reached the deep a little before the Orcs and closed the gates before their noses. Then the assault on the deep began. The safest place in the Deep was an ancient fortress called Hornburg. Storys told that the burg was never taken when held by men. The Orcs ever and ever tried to gather the walls and the gate but they had no success. Then they used an evil magic by Saruman and blasted the wall with explosive fires. They advanced into the deep and the men where driven back into the caves of Helm’s Deep. The Hornburg was defended like a rock in the breakers but it didn’t fall.
Then came the morning and Saruman’s army from one minute to the next was filled with fright. Then Th茅oden King and Aragorn and many of the Rohirrim who had their horses in the burg made an assault on the Orcs. They drove them back and then they saw what had frightened the Orcs. Now Saruman’s legions are captive in a trap. In the east, where grass had grown the day before, a great dark forest stood and from the west Th茅oden and his men attacked them. In the north the valley was closed up by a mountain and in the south suddenly a white rider on a white horse appeared. Gandalf had returned and with him came Erkenbrand of Westfold, lord of the western Mark and his men, whom Gandalf had gathered in the short time of one day and one night. The Orcs fled into the forest and no one came back again from its deep shadows.

Chapter VIII - The Road to Isengard

Th茅oden made a meeting with Gandalf and the other leaders and they decided, on Gandalf’s counsel, to ride toward Isengard. Gandalf had been there and he said that they would have to fight no more. Th茅oden chose 20 of the less hurt riders and they made their way to Isengard. As they reached Nan Curun铆r, they valley of the wizard and they found that the Isen, the stream which was named after the valley, had dried up.
As they reached the stonering of Isengard with the tower of Orthanc in its middle, they were very surprised. Instead of a well defended fortress they found a ruin! The gates were broken and the walls smashed and everywhere was rubble. The river bed of the Isen was changed into the stonering to fill it all up. So now the great tower of Orthanc stood in a dark lake surrounded by a ring of rubble.
In amid this chaotic picture two hobbits sat and smoked their pipes! Merry and Pippin jumped up in amazement as they recognised the troop of men. They greeted them all and then, because on Gandalf’s question, showed them the way to Treebeard. For their friends they had arranged a meal of things they found in the houses of Isengard.

Chapter XI - Flotsam and Jetsam

They reunited company had much to tell each other. The two hobbits told the story of taking Isengard. They told how easy the Ents had crushed the heavy stone of the stonering and how they had sealed the tower of Orthanc with the water. And then they told of they departure of some Ents and many Huorns to aid at Helm’s Deep. In the countermove the others told them of the hunt for the Orcs and the battle at Helm’s Deep. Then the last riddles of the hunt were cleared and they all are happy to be reunited.

Chapter X - The Voice of Saruman

In the morning of the next day a small group of people went to the foot of Orthanc. Gandalf was among them and Th茅oden for it was his land. Also the rest of the fellowship was there and 脡omer and some other chosen one’s. Gandalf wanted to speak with Saruman and therefore he warned everyone before Saruman’s voice. He said that it was a mighty spell in it and it could change one’s opinion. Then he knocked at the door and called for the wizard.
Saruman appeared at his balcony and talked to the group and anyone without strong willpower fell under the spell of his speech and the Rohirrim almost revolted against their king Th茅oden. Then Gandalf showed his power and the spell of Saruman’s voice disappeared. With a word of power Gandalf broke Saruman’s staff and cast him out of the White Council, the council of the wizards. Then suddenly from a window above a great black ball was thrown at the dealers and Pippin quickly picked it up before it could fall into a dark pool. Gandalf took the ball at once and gave no explanation about it. He said to Treebeard to store the keys of Orthanc and keep the wizard captive in his own tower. Then they rode away towards Edoras, where Th茅oden had gathered all his remaining soldiers to aid Gondor in the coming war against the dark lord of Mordor.

Chapter XI - The Palant铆r

On the way back Gandalf explained that the black ball was one of the ancient palant铆rs. Magic stones of the old which could contact each other in any distance. He told that there had been nine palant铆rs but now there are only few left. Of the stone of Orthanc he had known long and he also knew of two other stones. The stones of Fornost, the capital of the old norhtern kingdom of the Dunedain, and Minas Morgul, the fortress of sorcery, had been caught by the dark lord and brought to Barad - d煤r. He also guessed of the stone of Minas Tirith to remain there in the hands of Denethor, steward of Gondor.
In the night Pippin had an uneasy sleep and awoke around midnight. He sneaked to Gandalf’s sleepingplace and took the Palant铆r because he could not forget it. He looked in the stone and suddenly saw the dark tower and the lord of the Nazg没l speak to him. fortunately Gandalf recognised it in time and so he saved their plans from the enemy, for no one without a very strong will could dare to fight a spiritual duel against the leader of the ringwraiths.
So Gandalf gave the Palant铆r to Aragorn the next day and then rode on with Pippin towards Minas Tirith, to save him from the stone, while the others are on their way back to Edoras to be present at the muster of Rohan.


Chapter I - The Taming of Sm茅agol

Sam and Frodo made their way across the river and then hid their boat on the other shore. Then they made for their way to the land of darkness where they had to go. On their way they noticed that Gollum, they hideous creature who followed them since Moria, had found their path and was on their heels. So, for an easier way, without a foe in the back, they caught him and as they wanted to kill him, Frodo felt sorry for him and they tamed him. Frodo let swear him an oath never to hurt them. Then they returned to their journey with Sm茅agol as their guide for he knew the land of previous journeys.

Chapter II - The Passage of the Marshes

With Sm茅agol as their new guide they found an relative easy way towards Mordor because he knew ways which no living being ever used. So they remained undiscovered and made a good speed. On Sm茅agols request they travelled by night so the scouts of the dark lord had hard work if they wanted to find them. On this way they tryed to walk plain to the Morannon, the black gate of the land of shadows. But to reach this gate they had to cross the dead marshes which had been a great battlefield in the old times. There their journey nearly ended in the dark pools because of the evil will’o’wisps who lived there almost drowned them. But with the help of Sm茅agol they crossed the marshes in spite of this horrors. After this dangerous point they saw their goal before them - the mountains of the dark land.

Chapter III - The Black Gate is Closed

When they finally reached the grate black gate they nearly lost hope. The great leafs of the door are closed and everywhere they saw signs of the dark army. Hundreds of Orcs lived in holes around the gate and so the little company had no chance. When Frodo nearly gave up Sm茅agol renew his hope with the speech of an other, secret way. A way, no one knew except him. Because they had no better idea they trusted in him and followed him down to the south. They passed by the mountains and made their way through a beautiful land to the point, Sm茅agol spoke of.

Chapter IV - Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

Now Frodo and Sam, led by Sm茅agol, travelled through the fair land of Ithilien. This was the last beautiful place east of the Anduin and west of Mordor. There were green woods and many animals lived there. They had walked very long in the nights and slept uneasy during daylight so they were very weary. Sam thought that a good meal would return their strength, because the lembas of the elves might give them what they need to walk on, but a really good meal would strengthen their souls in a much more useful way. So he asked Sm茅agol to hunt one or to rabbits for them and then he tried to cook them. When they had eaten Frodo went to sleep and Sam went to wash the dishes (he had brought them the whole way from Bag End). When he returned he suddenly saw that his little campfire had began to smoke and so he ran back to turn it off before possible enemies would notice them.
But it was too late. When he returned he saw a great army walk above on the way they had used. He lay still and so they took no notice of him or Frodo (Sm茅agol had gone to find something to eat for himself). Sam was amazed by the soldiers, because he had never seen such people before. They came from the far south to follow the army of the enemy. Suddenly some people clad in green and brown appeared around the hobbits and took them captive. Much more of them attacked the surprised army and destroyed it completely. But Frodo and Sam were taken captive.

Chapter V - The Window to the West

The leader of the woodsmen asked them of their duty and they answered as good as possible without mentioning the ring. As they listed the names of their company the leader leaped up in amazement. He actually was Faramir, the brother of Boromir. He immediately let them free and asked them to come to their camp for better talking. He wanted to know everything of their journey and the part of Boromir. The hobbits were taken with the men and walked long through the land of Ithilien. Then Faramir ordered to blindfold them because for the safety of their camp and then they walked on. Some time later they were unblinded again and then they saw a wonderful waterfall and a small pool before it. They were taken behind the waterfall in a secret chamber where the camp lay. There they got a good meal (again) and then talked with Faramir.

Chapter VI - The Forbidden Pool

The hobbits slept at the secret camp and never they had rested better for long than this time. Shortly before sunrise Faramir woke them up because of a strange thing that had happened. Some time before the watch had seen a strange creature sneaking around the camp but he could not name its race. The hobbits followed Faramir to a high point of the cliff above the waterfall and looked down to the pool. There they saw Sm茅agol sneaking around and finally jumping in the pool and returning with a fish in his mouth. He then sat on the ground and ate the fish. Around the hobbits many archers had appeared and wanted to shoot the creature because he had found their camp and for safety he had to die. But Frodo felt sorry about Sm茅agol and asked Faramir for Sm茅agol’s life. Faramir’s men caught Sm茅agol and then he had to swear an oath to never talk of the secret pool and camp. Then he was given under the care of Frodo and so he survived.

Chapter VII - Journey to the Cross - roads

The next day the hobbits and their strange guide were brought to the borders of Faramir’s land (blindfold of course) and then they returned to their own path. They made for the Imlad Morgul, the valley before Minas Morgul, because Sm茅agol’s path began there. So they walked back to the mountains and then towards Minas Morgul.

Chapter VIII - The Stairs of Cirith Ungol

When they finally reached the evil valley they walked along a path on its side and then they reached a hidden stair and Sm茅agol showed them the way up. It was a very long and high stair and it was very hard to walk but the hobbits never stopped. They went up high to the top of the mountains and on their side they ever had the warning of Minas Morgul. When they were only a little up the stair, suddenly the gates of the evil fortress opened and released a gigantic army and on its top they saw a black rider, tall and majestic - the highlord of the Nazg没l. Frodo began to shake because the ring became very heavy now and his old wound hurt. He stood still and dared not to move, not even to hide. The lord of the Nazg没l passed the stair and suddenly looked up. But he took no notice of them, whether he had seen them or not, and led his army in battle against the western nations. Frodo, Sam and Sm茅agol then doubled their speed to avoid another encounter.

Chapter IX - Shelob’s Lair

They finally had reached he end of the long stair and there they rested finally. As they walked on they suddenly saw the outline of a fortress standing in their way. Frodo was very angry because Sm茅agol had said the way was secret and unwatched. Then Sm茅agol showed them what he had meant. He led them to a secret hidden cave entrance in the mountain and explained that the other end of the cave lay behind the fortress. So the hobbits walked into the dark cave.
The cave was very dark and it was not empty! In the deep shadows a creature lived which was possibly even worse than the dark lord himself. It was a great, spiderlike creature called Shelob. Gollum had found her lair on his journeys through the mountains and he had made a stoolpigeon for her. So she had not eaten him and he had the advantage of her power to protect him. To this hideous creature he had led the hobbits with the thought of afterwards getting the ring of Frodo. But Frodo and Sam (which he had left after the entering) found a way through the cave and Shelob was too slow. They drove her back with Frodos Elvenlight and so they nearly escaped her but then Frodo stumbled and so she caught him. So far Gollum’s plot had succeeded.

Chapter X - The Choices of Master Samwise

Sam, who had ran before Frodo too late recognised it but then he ran back and draw Frodo’s sword Sting (which he had got from Frodo because it was to heavy for him to carry). He leaped up and hurt Shelob very badly and so she fled back in her cave. Sm茅agol never appeared again because of his fear.
But for Sam’s unfortune Frodo was hit by Shelob’s terrible poison and he was paralysed. Sam, who thought of the death of his master, was very sad but to fulfil their quest. He took the ring and Frodos Silmarill - light and thought of going alone to destroy the ring. But suddenly two Orc - bands appeared from both sides of the way and so he wore the ring to hide before them. The two bands, which were very surprised, took Frodo and carried him away to the fortress. Sam, who followed them secretly heard them speak of Shelob’s poison and that his master was only paralysed and so he thought of freeing Frodo. But he was to slow for the Orcfeet and so he reached the gates of the fortress just when they closed. So he was out of the castle and Frodo was caught up in it - and he was alive!

THE RETURN OF THE KING - Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings


Chapter I - Minas Tirith

Pippin and Gandalf rode to Minas Tirith, because Gandalf knew that time was melting away. They entered the city and went on to Denethor, the steward of Gondor, because he wanted to speak to Pippin. Gandalf told him not to mention Aragorn except he must, because he don’t wanted Denethor to knew of the coming of the king (who Aragorn actually was, although no one knew it beside few people). After the speech Pippin was very weary but he asked Denethor to serve him as a guard of the white tower. So Peregrin Took from the Shire became guard of the white tower of Minas Tirith. He was given another guard to show him his tasks and he went of. His guide was named Beregond and he was a captain of the watch. He showed Pippin the rooms of the guards and told him the most common pass - words. Pippin himself told much stories of the shire and so they spent the day with talking.
The next day Pippin had no duty and so he went on walking through the city. There he met Bergil, Beregond’s son, and he showed him the whole city. In the evening they saw a march of the troops of Gondor, who came for the coming war, to fortify the city.

Chapter II - The Passing of the Grey Company

After the departure of Gandalf, the rest of the company rode with the Rohirrim back to Edoras. There they wanted to wait for the muster of Rohan. They stopped at Helm’s Deep and made a small rest. There Merry offered his services to Th茅oden and became an esquire of Rohan. Back in Edoras they met new unexpected guests. Aragorn’s kindred, the few remaining Dunedain of the north, had come to help their leader. Now war was near at hand and Aragorn had to hasten for Minas Tirith, but he had another task to do first. His way lay on the Paths of the Dead. An ancient passage through the white mountains which led directly to Gondor. Aragorn and his Company had to take this road for tasks they wont name. Gimli and Legolas also rode with them and also the sons of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir. Merry, who was one of the Rohirrim now had to remain at Th茅oden’s side.
The Company passed the gate to the Paths of the Dead and entered the dark tunnel under the white mountains. From there they rode on to the stone of Erech and after passing the tunnel they felt someone ore something follow them. They were followed by the dead, and at the stonepillar of Erech, Aragorn reminded them on their oath of old, which they had not fulfilled, to help the king in the war against the dark land. So the grey company passed by the lands and moved towards the east to Mordor, and anyone who saw them, trembled in fear.

Chapter III - The Muster of Rohan

In Rohan the army had met and the king told them their duty - to help Gondor in the war against Mordor. Despite her indignation, he chose 脡owyn to keep his household in his absence. He also wanted to left Merry there. But Merry don’t wanted to leave his king and so he walked through the lines at their departure. Suddenly a young rider asked him to sit up and ride with him and Merry agreed, despite the order of Th茅oden.

Chapter IV - The Siege of Gondor

Now the war had begun. The first forces of the enemy had crossed the river Anduin and the army of evil pushed forward the defenders. Pippin was on the wall of the city and so was Beregond. The gates had been closed after the last defenders coming in. Suddenly they saw a small group of riders with the enemies on their heels. The group nearly came to the gate, but then the archers of the enemy shot down their horses. Only the fast reaction of Gandalf who rode outside and aided the riders saved their lives.
The leader of the group was Faramir, Boromir’s brother. He had left Ithilien when he saw the great army of the lord of the Nazg没l appear. Now he was wounded by an arrow and lay in the houses of healing in Minas Tirith. Despite his wound, he told Denethor, Gandalf and Pippin everything about Frodo and their meeting. Then they had to leave him because another assault had begun.
The enemy had brought a great ram to crush down the gates of the city and after they had fallen the lord of the Nazg没l appeared. But in the crushed and ruined arc of the gate a small, white person appeared. It was Gandalf and he stopped the advance of the army. And suddenly great horns were heard on the battlefield and the enemies trembled in fear. Finally Rohan has come.

Chapter V - The Ride of the Rohirrim

Now the army of Rohan was on its way to Gondor. After half the way, a young rider appeared in front of them to bring the request of assistance. So the riders speeded up because time was valuable. A short time later the king noticed that they could not reach Gondor in time, so he asked the Druadan, which dwelt in the woods round the great Mindolluin (the mountain where Minas Tirith stood) for a shortcut and they showed the Rohirrim ways, they had never known. So the army of Rohan reached Minas Tirith in time and the battle began.

Chapter VI - The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

The Rohirrim joined up with the army of Gondor and began their assault on the forces of evil. But the Nazg没l - Lord vanished from the gates and returned to battle. He mounted his flying mount and with his fear he withdrew the armies of Gondor and Rohan and powered his own. Then he saw Th茅oden and attacked him straight from the air. He slew Th茅odens horse and nearly killed him with his landing. Then he said to the king: "No man should kill the Lord of the Nazg没l, so it is written!" But suddenly the young rider who has helped Merry appeared and he took his helm off and it was no one else than 脡owyn. "So Lord", she said, "I am your doom, cause I am no man at all!" The Nazg没l hesitated but in this moment Merry, who had lain secretly behind him, hit his feet and in this moment 脡owyn took his head off. This was to much, also for a Nazg没l, and with a horrible cry he vanished from this world for a whole age of men. But for hitting a Ringwraith 脡owyn dropped to the ground and lay still. Also Merry’s arm that had hit the Nazg没l was useless and cold. So they were found by 脡omer and his men after the battle and brought to Minas Tirith to the houses of healing.
Suddenly, as the battle was nearly won, a fleet of dark ships arrived from the Anduin below. The defenders thought of other enemies when suddenly a banner was unrolled which showed the white tree and the seven stars - the banner of the king of Gondor! Aragorn had arrived with his Dunedain and Legolas and Gimli and as many men he could find. The undead legion had chased away the original owners of the ships, pirates under command of the Dark Lord, and so Aragorn reached in time. So Gondor won this battle against the army of Sauron.

Chapter VII - The Pyre of Denethor

In the city the defenders reinforced after the vanishing of the Nazg没l. But Denethor, the steward of Gondor, had used his Palant铆r to seek out the plans of the Dark Lord himself and for this, he became insane. So as he saw his last son, Faramir, nearly dead, he saw no way out for Gondor and wanted to kill both him and his son. So he made a pyre in the traditional hall of the dead and wanted to burn his son, though he was alive! The watch prevented him from this (against their orders!) and so only Denethor burned himself but Faramir could be rescued.

Chapter VIII - The Houses of Healing

Now Aragorn made a camp out the city walls because Gandalf told him not to come as king too soon. But as he heard of the injured 脡owyn and Faramir he entered the city secretly for old tales told ‘the hands of a king are the hands of a healer’. So Aragorn helped healing 脡owyn and Faramir and Merry also, for his wound was also very hard. Then he left the city, not to enter before the war was really over.

Chapter IX - The Last Debate

The leaders of the armies gathered in the tent of Aragorn and made plans how to go further. They decided to take the greatest part of the army to attack the dark land in the next time and let the rest to help building up a temporary defence line. The army they gathered was less then 7000 men, 3000 Rohirrim and 4000 men from Gondor. Then they began their march to the black gates of Morannon. Gandalf hoped that Frodo and Sam had enough time to reach Mount Doom and destroy the ring. They all knew that their army was no match for the Dark Lord but they hoped to take his attention from his own land.

Chapter X - The Black Gate Opens

After a long march the army finally reached the Morannon, split on two hills for better defence, and waited for the final assault. Then the gates opened and a single person on a black horse appeared. It was Saurons Lieutenant of Barad - d没r and he brought forth Frodo’s mail shirt and the hearts of the defenders droped down. But then the assault began and it was the last battle in this age of men.


Chapter I - The Tower of Cirith Ungol

Sam awoke from an uncounscioness at the gates of the dark citadel. He remembered Frodo who has been brought into the watchtower and him outside. He returned through Shelob’s tunnel onto their first chosen way. Suddenly, as he decided to enter Mordor he heard Orc - cries coming out of the tower. He ran through it hoping the doors may be open. And really, the gates were open and he could enter the Tower of Cirith Ungol to search for his Master. As he passed the gates a fierce spell held him back, but Frodos Elvenlight weakened the dark power so he could enter. But the guarding statues magically gave a cry and so Sam’s secrecy was unimportant. He entered the tower and suddenly encountered one of the Orc - chieftains, Shagrat, who has killed Gorbag, the other leader. Now Sam also saw the reason for the quarrel - Frodos Elven - mail - shirt. Shagrat saw Sam and nearly knocked him out, but he don’t had time to kill him and fled the tower. So Sam was the single survivor. After a short time he found Frodo in the uppermost chamber of the tower and let him free. Then they searched for some cloth for Frodo’s had been taken by Shagrat. Then they dressed like Orcs so good as able to be inconspicuous in the Dark Land where they had to go.

Chapter II - The Land of Shadow

Now Frodo and Sam had entered the innermost domain of Sauron - his own land, Mordor. Here they hid the ring and never used it again. They travelled on the top of the Ephel Duath, the border - mountains of Mordor, because they found no way down. After a long journey they suddenly found a way down, but noticed that it must be a road, often used by armies. So they were double - carefull. On their road they suddenly encountered an Orc - band who was driven towards the black gates. The hobbits were discovered but not uncamouflaged. So they made a great part of their way in the Orc - group. As they came nearer to the Morannon they tried to escape. On a crossway they encountered another Orc - band and in the general disturbances they escaped. Now they had to go nearly southwards to reach Mount Doom.

Chapter III - Mount Doom

After a long journey they had nearly reached Mount Doom but they found no way up the mountain. Then Sam took Frodo on his back, because Frodo could not go further for his ring had increased in weight that nearer they came to the mountain. When they had nearly the half way up suddenly Sam noticed a silent follower of them. Gollum had returned and now Sam wanted to kill him. But again Frodo felt sorry for him and so they only drove him away. When they reached the Crack of Doom Frodo could not cast the Ring in for the it had to much power over Frodo. Here Frodo put the Ring on and declared him to be the new Lord of the Ring. This moment Sauron became aware of him and he immediately ordered his Nazg没l to stop his near doom and bring him the Ring. But it was too late. Suddenly Gollum appeared and he fought with the invisible Frodo for the Ring. Then he bit off Frodos finger with the Ring on it and in his joy he fell into the Crack and with him the Ring. And here the Ring ended at all.

Chapter IV - The Field of Cormallen

The army of Gondor stood against the hordes of Mordor like a rock in the storm but they knew that there was no chance of victory. But suddenly a loud call went through the army of the west. The Eagles are coming! The hosts of Mordor looked up and wondered for this sign.
Then suddenly there was a great rumble in Mount Doom and the Vulcan tried to break. Sauron disappeared with the destruction of the Ring and the Dark Tower brake. The Nazg没ls vanished from the surface for ever and the army of the Dark Land scattered without any leader and fled before the army of Gondor.
Gandalf, who had some kind of foreboding, called for the Eagles and asked Gwaihir, the lord of the winds, and two others to take him to Mount Doom. There they found Frodo and Sam and took them away from the breaking mountain.
When they awoke they were dressed in new cloth and lay in a tent on the green grass. The had been taken to the army - camp after the battle, which had been made in Ithilien and they were honoured by all the army for their deeds. Then the army moved back to Gondor and was welcomed in Minas Tirith and now the king entered the city open - Aragorn took his place as the King of Gondor.

Chapter V - The Steward and the King

Now, when Denethor was dead, Faramir was the new steward of the city. But his injury was so hard that he had to remain in the houses of healing. There he met 脡owyn and they both fell in love together. So when Aragorn returned he was not longer steward and Aragorn gave him Ithilien and he lived there with 脡owyn. Then Aragorn and Gandalf searched for the white tree which once stood on the place before his tower in Minas Tirith. The old tree was rotten and dead but Aragorn found a young sapling of the tree and planted it in the place of the old. And there it grew until the kings of West ended.
Some months later Elrond arrived with lots of his people to congratulate Aragorn and he handed him the sceptre of Ann煤minas, the sceptre of the North. And with him came Galadriel of L贸rien and Celeborn her husband, and Thranduil, Legolas’ father, king of Mirkwood. And Aragorn wedded Arwen, daughter of Elrond, and they had a good life.

Chapter VI - Many Partings

After a long and fair time at Minas Tirith, the hobbits wanted to depart and also wanted 脡omer, the new king of the Rohirrim, and Elrond and Galadriel and Gandalf also. There was a grate procession and they everywhere became smaller. The left 脡omer in Edoras and Galadriel in the high of Moria (for they wanted to cross the mountains) and at last they left Elrond at Rivendell. On their way between Moria and Rivendell they encountered Saruman, who had been allowed to leave Orthanc and Grima Wormtongue was with him. The hobbits rested a long time in Rivendell and remained at Bilbos’. After a long time they journeyed towards the shire.

Chapter VII - Homeward Bound

They halted at the Prancing Pony and greeted Barliman and he was very proud to see them. There Gandalf left them for his own tasks and they travelled toward the shire alone.

Chapter VIII - The Scouring of the Shire

When they reached the borders of the Shire they suddenly saw some gates there. They wondered about it and when they entered (after ringing the guards out of their beds) they saw some more to wonder about. That deeper they came into the Shire, the greater were the changes. They were halted by a kind of patrol and "guarded" (what means that they could have broken off everytime, but don’t wanted to) they travelled towards Bag End. There, in Hobbiton, they saw that many humans had control and they organised a revolt and drove them out. At Bag End they found the real person behind that all - it was Saruman! He had come to the Shire and taken control. They found out that Wormtongue had killed the mayor of the Shire. But Frodo wanted to simply drive them out of the Shire despite their evil actions. But suddenly Wormtongue took out a knife and attacked Saruman. In the same moment a hobbit - bow sung and killed him also. Saruman was dead and with this the War of the Ring had really ended.

Chapter IX - The Grey Havens

The hobbits lived in the Shire quite a long time and Sam took a wife. They often travelled to Rivendell and also Aragorn came and visited them. He gave them the Shire as a present. They all were lucky and life was fair. Some years later a great procession of Elves came from Rivendell and they were on the way to the Grey Havens. Frodo went with them and Bilbo also and at this time the last Elves left Middle - Earth and were gone. And Frodo and Bilbo, whom had worn the ring quite a long time, were allowed to come with them. Also with them came Galadriel and her folk and they were awaited by Gandalf. Now finally the three Elvenrings lay bare and so the last remains of the old ages of men and elves left Middle - Earth and let it free from their fate.

And with this ends the Lord of the Rings - the story of a small folk which does great deeds in a perilous world and saved their world from destruction. So be it.


Aragorn, Arathorns son, heir of Isildur and Anarion, Dunadan of the North and ranger, bearer of the broken blade and King Elessar of Gondor and Arnor. This was Aragorns full name after the War of the Ring but in former days he was only called ‘Strider’. He lived the life of a ranger in the wilderness and had no home and no friends save his natives, the other Dunedain who dwelt in the wilderness. He travelled long in the wilderness and fell in love with Arwen, the daughter of Elrond, Eveningstar of her folk. But he could not marry her for he had no title and no land. So he had to wait until the Dark Lord was defeated and he was king. Then Elrond was satisfied and let his daughter marry him. They lived a long life together after the war.

Frodo, Sam and the hobbits are very important in the War of the Ring. Frodo was the Ringbearer and so he had the most important duty in the whole company of the Ring. He was chosen to bear the Ring until it was destroyed. He got the Ring from Bilbo, who was the former bearer (and knew nothing of its real identity!) and he found it in a cave where Gollum had possessed it long. Sam, who was also a Ringbearer a short time, was also very important, because without his aid, Frodo had never managed the way to Mount Doom.
Merry and Pippin, despite no Ringbearers, had their own important roles to play. Merry in the destruction of the Lord of the Nazg没l and Pippin in Minas Tirith and the two hobbits were very important in the fall of Saruman, for nobody else had roused the Ents!

Legolas and Gimli took a major part in the company for they represented the other free folks of Middle - Earth - elves and dwarfs. They first had the same problems with each other, every elf has with a dwarf but they later became the best friends and years after the War of the Ring Gimli journeyed with Legolas in the west and he was the only dwarf who ever saw the shores of Valinor.

Gandalf was one of the strangest members of the company. He was much more powerful than mentioned in the book. He was sent by the Gods from Valinor to help the peoples of Middle - Earth in their war against Sauron (who was in fact also a Half - god of Valinor!). With Gandalf came also Saruman the white and three lesser wizards who were not mentioned in the Lord of the Rings (and had no part in the war). After his battle with the Balrog (who was also another Half - god of Valinor...), Gandalf was roused again as Gandalf the white - he was, like Saruman should have been. So Gandalf was the mightiest weapon against the Dark Lord and the only living being to withstand Sauron. After the War of the Ring he went back to Valinor for his task was done.

Boromir was a grate warrior among the folks of men, but his greed for the Ring was his downfall. He saw the war as a strategist and so he saw in the Ring the most powerful weapon against Sauron. So he wanted it to unite all the armies of free people under his banner and destroy Sauron and his army in the open battlefield. His illusions were destroyed by his death at the borders of Gondor. But Boromir was not really evil - he had only another point of view!

The Nazg没l, who were also known as Black Riders or Ringwraiths, were the most powerful and most terrible beings under Saurons command. Only the name of the second of them was known - it was Kham没l, the shadow of the east. The name of their Lord was unknown but he was also known as Witchking of Angmar, because before his fall he had ruled the Kingdom of Angmar.
The Nazg没l fell under the shadow of Sauron after the completion of the Masterring. The first thing Sauron did was taking command over the weak (in his opinion) minds of the men. For the ghosts of the dwarf were stronger he was not able to enslave them so the four Dwarvenrings he got there was no great use. The three other Rings of the Dwarfs were consumed by the fire of the dragons so Sauron never got them.
After the destruction of the Masterring the ghosts of the Nazg没l were free and they vanished from the realms of Middle - Earth.

Sauron, the most evil of all living beings of whole Middle - Earth, was the great Overlord of the forces of evil. He himself was but a servant of a much mightier being in the former ages of men. He was the first servant of Morgoth, the Black, the Dark God who had chosen Middle - Earth as his home ages ago. But when Morgoth was withdrawn from the other Gods Sauron began to make his own empire. So he worked very hard on his lands but in the end he fell down by the great deeds of the little hobbits.

The Ring himself was also a very important character (yes, I really mean "Character"!) The Ring was forged an age ago by Sauron after he had ingratiated himself to the elves. He taught Celebrimbor how to forge Rings of Power and so Celebrimbor made the nine Rings for mortal men. This nine were only tests and they had less power than the others. Then he forged the seven Rings of the dwarfs and they were more powerful but in the end, when he had mastered his skill, he forged the three Rings for the elves - Narya, the Ring of Fire, Nenya, the white Ring and Vilya, the Ring of Air. They were given to the most powerful people in the whole realm of Middle - Earth, so Gandalf wore Narya in the later time, Elrond wore Vilya and Galadriel Nenya. And in the same time when the Rings where forged, Sauron made his own Ring in the fires of the Orodruin, who was later called Mount Doom, and in the moment when he declared his rulership over all the rings, Celebrimbor became aware of him and hid the three Rings. Sauron killed him for this but he learned not where the Rings were hidden. So he later got the other Rings, that of the mortals and four of the Dwarvenrings, but he never touched the three. The great problem was now, that all the Rings were bound to the one Ring, for he was the most powerful. So if the Masterring should be destroyed, all the power of the other Rings should vanish and they should lose their power. But if Sauron ever would get his Ring back, the others would have been lain free to his look and he would have destroyed them. So it was a serious decision of the council for, what ever they decided it, would have been bad for them. So they chose the bitter way and decided to destroy the ring at all, so he never could create any evil.
The Ring himself had some kind of evil life inside himself. Everyone who found him, thought of a lucky chance but it was all planed by the Ring. For he could not grow old he counted in centuries and so noone became suspicious. First he left Isildur in the greatest need and he was killed. Then Sm茅agol found him by chance and took him under the mountains. There he lived as Gollum a long time, perhaps a century or more, when by chance Bilbo came and found it. He took it to the Shire and there he gave it to Frodo and nobody knew of the real identity of the Ring. No one knew the danger of the Ring for it was a very useful item. It was very helpful to become invisible at will and, although no one ever noticed it, the Ring also lengthened the life of its bearer. It could have been undiscovered for much a longer time, for he knew: its master everytime searched for it and one day he would find it. So the last attempt to escape its destruction was Gollum who suddenly appeared at the Crack of Doom. But also Gollum had no chance to avoid the destruction. He fell in the Crack and the Ring with him. So the Ring was destroyed and also every evil power it had ever got over his bearers.

Saruman was one of the wisest of all the wizards. He was the well - versed person in Ring - lore who ever dwelt in Middle - Earth and first his deeds where surely noble. But his mind changed with the times and in the end he was only a small servant of the Dark Lord, who thought he could get the Ring for himself. So his fall was pre - programmed and in the end it was very deep!

The Eagles are mentioned seldom in the book but they are not only animals, but they are some kind of good foreshadowing. The Eagles are some ancient folk who had ever aided the forces of good in their battle against evil and so they did their part in the War of the Ring. They are also mentioned in the ancient ages, when the living beings battled against the almighty God Morgoth. They are some kind of dragons for the good. The greatest among them in the first age of men was Thorondor with the gigantig wingspan of 50 metres! The Eagles have shrunken until then, but they had kept their good foreshadowing.

I. About the origin of the Lord of the Rings and Tolkiens live

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on Jannuary, the 3rd1892 in Bloemfontein/Southafrica. He lived in England since 1895 and visited a primary school. After his A - Level he studied germain philologie. He was very interrestet in the german and celtic Legends and often refered to them in his lectures. In 1917 he began to write his large cycles about Middle - Earth. He began The Lord of the Rings soon after the completion of The Hobbit and before its publication. The Lord of the Rings was a very large project and it was a long work for Tolkien. He wrote the book in the time of 1936 to 1949. There was a great delay in the years after the outbrake of war in 1939. And after the completion there was another delay for it had to be typed and re - typed by Tolkien himself. Actually it was read by many persons until it was finally printed.
Tolkien does not resemble the real World War II for his War of the Ring, because, if he had done so, the Ring had been brought to Minas Tirith and used against Sauron. He would have been enslaved and not destroyed and Barad - d没r would have been occupied. Saruman would have found in Mordor enough knowledge in Ring - lore and before long he would have made his own Masterring. So the war would have never ended because of the selfishness of both sides.
For the inner meaning, according to Tolkien himself, there was none! The book is neither allegorical nor topical. Its main theme was only the Ring as a link between it and The Hobbit. The chapter ‘The Shadow of the Past’ was written long before the conflict of 1939 and the book would have followed the same scheme as it did, even though the war would have been averted.
Finally the first part of the book was published in 1954. In this version there were many printer’s errors and compositor’s mistakes. Many of Tolkien’s proper names had been changed (and that was really against Tolkien’s sake). So in the following editions the mistakes had been corrected. The second part was published in November of the same year and Tolkien announced that there would be an index of names and strange words in the third volume. This third and last part was finally published in 1955 and with this the whole Lord of the Rings was finished. In the later editions there were only some corrections of Tolkien for there were still some minor mistakes (which were actually not interesting for any reader at all). Tolkien died on September, the 2ndof 1973 in Bornemouth and until this date many mistakes have not been fixed in his book.
But nevertheless his book was one of the best selling fantasy novels which have ever been published.

II. Tolkien’s Creatures and the Reality

Hobbits - The Hobbits, or Halflings, are a little folk, unknown to the most other nations. They dwell in their little land, the Shire, and live in peace and freedom. Some Hobbits also live in the near town called Bree, but the majority of them dwells in the Shire. The familynames of the Hobbits often have something to do with nature or daily live (such names as Butterbur!)
The Hobbits can’t be compared to any nation.

Orcs - The Orcs are a race of evil creatures which provide the majority of the Dark Lord’s army. The Orcs are an invention of Tolkien to have a great force of evil beings but no humans to confront the forces of good. Although there are also humans in the army of the Dark Lord, the Orcs are an essence of evil.
Orcs can be compared with the german soldiers, for the time Tolkien wrote his book was also the time of World War II. So there are many parallels between them.

Elves - Elves are the ultimate force of good. They are the eldest of all races and they live much times a human’s life. Tolkien’s Elves are the writers of history. In his former project, the Silmarillion, Tolkien wrote primary about the Elves and all other races came second. So the Elves are the absolute counter to the Orcs (actually the first Orcs have been tortured Elves in the hands of the Dark Lord).
An example for the Elves is not easy for there is nothing comparable. In some kind the Elves are a kind of Angels because often they have been sent with orders of the gods themselves. But the Elves in the Lord of the Rings have nothing to do with those Angel - Elves of the Silmarillion but have their own problems like humans.

Men, Rohirrim - The Rohirrim are horseman who love their horses above all. They dwell in the lands between Gondor and the grey mountains.
With the Rohirrim Tolkien has brought the typical british lifestily of the middle ages into his book. The Rohirrim are a folk of riders which can be compared the the Anglo - Saxons.

Men, Dunedain - The Dunedain are a folk of humans who lived on an island between Middle - Earth and the West. After betraying the gods they have been banned to Middle - Earth fully.
With the Dunedain Tolkien has linked up Humans with Elves. The Dunedain are a folk of long - living humans which found the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.

Ents - The Ents are an ancient people. They have the shape of trees and live in the woods to protect the trees. Actually the are the sheperds of the trees. Though they are a very strong folk, they avoid violance when they can.
The Ents are a pure invention of Tolkien. There is nothing compareable in daily life. The Ents are one of the peoples Tolkien used to make his world really fantastic!

Trolls - Trolls are, according to Tolkien, only a copy of the Ents by the Dark Lord. They represent the strongest parts of the evil army.
As the Ents, Trolls have no relation to reality and are pure fantasy.

Dwarfs - The Dwarfs represent an ancient folk of small people which mainly live in halls under the mountains (but not caves!) The Dwarfs are a race of good smithies and stoneworkers and they have gigantic palaces under the surface. They love stone, gems or gold - anything that takes shape under the hands of their craftsmen.
The Dwarfs are the third of the main peoples in Tolkiens world, beside the Elves and Humans. With this three peoples Tolkien tried to take our racial problems into his world, but with fantasy factors as we see.

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