Animal Farm

E - Referat "Animal Farm Chapter VIII

A few days after the executions some Animals reminded that the sixth commandement decreed: No Animal shall kill another Animal" This commandement was terrible increased. Now, it ran thus: No Animal shall kill any other animal without cause! Somehow or other, the last two words had slipped out of the animals memory. But they saw not that the commandement had been violated. Throughout the year the animals worked harder and got less food. They worked for the windmill with walls twice as thick then before. There were times were the animals worked harder to get the harvest then in Jones' time. On sunday mornings, Squealer, holding down a long strip of paper with his trotters would read out to them lists of figures proving that the production of every class of foodstuff has increased by two hundred percent or four hundred percent as the case might to be.The animals believed him because they did not know who the times were when Jones' had lived on animal farm. The orders wer read out by Squealer or one of the other pigs. Napoleon, now called Comrade NAPOLEON wasnot seen in public exept once in a fortnight.He was also called Father of all animals, Duckling's friend or so. When he did appear he was always sourrounded by the dogs.It had usual to give Napoleon the credit for every success.For example: Under the guidance of our Leader Comrade Napoleon I have laid five eggs in six days. The general feeling on the farm was expressed in a poem called Comrade Napoleon. Napolen caused it, approved by this poem to inscribe it to the opposite side of the barn with an picture of Napoleon. Meanwhile through the agency of Whymper he got in complicated negotitations with Frederick and Pilkington. At the same time there were renewed romours that Frederick and his mens were plotting to attack Animal farm and destroy the windmill which has caused enormos jealousy for him.In the middle of the summer three hens came to Napoleon and said that they were inspired through Snowball to kill Napoleon. They were killed imediately.Four dogs guarded him in the night and a pig called Pinkeye controlled his food. At about the same time it was given out that Napoleon had arranged to sell the pile of timber to Mr. Pilkington and they wanted to exchange products between Animal Farm and Foxwood. There were already terrible storys about what was going on on Foxwood or Pilkington. The one seemed to kill all animals the other planed to attack them. Then Napoleon said that he never thought to sell the pile of timber to Frederick. Nevertheless the animals learned that Snowball never as many of them believed hitherto that Snowball was no Animal hero first class. The animal heard this with a certain bewilderment. In the autumn the windmill was finished. The machinery had still to be installed but the structure was completed. And all animals were sure that this time no TnT could lay down the windmill again. Two days later after the work was finished the animals were struck dub with surprise when they heard that Napoleon had sold the pile of timber to Frederick. All relations with Foxwood had been broken off.At the same time Napoleon said that the stories osf an impending attack were all untrue. And he said that all this roumours were called out from Snowball and his agents.When the roumours died down Napoleon held a speech in the barnto inspect the bank - notes. Three days later Whymper came up to Animal Farm with a pale face and rushed into the farmhouse. The next moment a chocking roar of rage sounded from Napoleons appartement. The news of wha had happened sped round the farm like wildfire. The banknotes were forgeries. The timber had got Frederick for nothing. Napoleon called the animal together and spoke the death sentence about Frederick. And he said that Frederick and hismen perhaps want to made the attack at this time. The very next morning the attack came. It was a surprise at the breakfast and it seemed not to be so an easy victory like in The battle of the cowshed. Frederick and hois men already came through the five barred gate. There were fifteen men with a dozen guns between them and a lot of animals like Boxer were already wounded.At that moment even Napoleon thought of a loss. If Pilkington and his men would help them the day might be won. At that moment the pigeons who were send out the day before came back with a paper.
On this paper was inscribed" Serves you right". Meanwhile Frederick and his men haltet the windmill.They drilled holes into the wall. At that moment Napoleon cried" Impossible Comrades, the walls are twice as thick as before. Benjamin nodded back that they want to destroy the windmill with dinamite. After a few minutes the men ran in all directions. Then the windmill dissappeared in a cloud of fire. Now in the hearts of the animals the courage woke up. The attacked the enemy. A few animals were killed and everybody except Napoleon was wounded. But Frederick and his men disappered. They have won and the animals heard from the direction of the farm a booming of a gun. Boxer asked: What is that gun firing for? Squealer cried back: To celebrate our victory! What for a victory. it came back. Boxer was not untrue it seemed that every animal on that farm was wounded. But after the great speech of Napoleon and the hoisting of the flag it seemed to them that this battle was an enourmous victory. That night there was given a party for the pigs in the farmhouse. They found alcohol in the cellar and the knew that drinking alcohol was punished to death. But however they were drinking a lot of alcohol because next day Squealer said: Comrade Napoleon is dying" A cry of lamention went up. The animals were bewildered and they waited at the door of the farmhouse for Squealer. Early next morning Squealer said that Napoleon survived. In the following night one of the commandements was changed by Squealer. Now it ran thus. No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.

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