I think that all of believe in the theorie that our planet becomes warmer and warmer? ((person))
The topic of my presentation is

Change of climate

, but don’t be afraid that it will be the same as in a lesson of geographic, no, quite in the reverse. I think that almoust nobody of you knows the following theory: In the year 2030 there will be a new iceage!

One week ago I recieved the magazine PM.((zeigen)) When I read this report about the icetime, I felt like reading a comic paper, because it contradicts all the reasons for a warming up of our climate.

When I read a report in a newspaper about this phenomen, I always get the feeling that all scientists are convinced that our planet will become warmer and warmer. But in this report is written that 81% of the competent scientists don’t see any reasons for this. At this place you can say that it is questionable what all media tell us...

Some men say that the temperature of the earth increasing steadily for a hundred years which should be a disaster.
But most of the meteorological stations are near cities. A city is always growing, so there is more and more area to heat, and temperature is of course rising steadily...
Sea scientists found out that the gulfstream becomes colder and colder, and glacier - scientists say that 55% of the glaciers are growing, and not going back.
Also wrong is the second part of this theory: If you look at history of the earth, you find out that every time when temperature became warmer, it was better for human - being. 6000 years ago it had been 2 degrees warmer than now, and in some parts of the Sahara was forest.

Another theory is that CO2 is responsable for the Hot - House - Effect, that its concentration is growing steadily and that because of this all CO2 - emissions have to be stopped.
1. Scientists believe that the steam is the real Hot - House - Gaz, and not CO2!
Whitout steam in the air, our planet wood be as cold as Mars is!
2. What do you think if you hear Hawaiiii? ((person)) There is a volcano which always breaks out his CO2. On this island is the main meteorological station for measuring the CO2 - concentration in the air. In this case a reliable measuring is not possible.
3. If we stopped all the CO2 - emissions, plants will not get enough CO2 to make oxigen of it...

If talking about Hot - House - Gases: Did you know that all the termits in the world produce Methan in their digestion (Verdauung)? With this gaz they contribute 20 times more to the socalled Hot - House - Effect than all industries...

This are the main reasons that some scientists don’t believe the Hot - House - Theory.
If you look again at the history of earth, you see that all warmtimes were during 10’000 years. But this warmtime now is during 12’000 years => the next iceage will come soon !!!
Space - scientists believe that after 2030 the activity of the sun will be slower and slower, and that because of this we will get a new iceage.

What I want to say with this presentation: Don’t belive all what scientists or teachers say!

If there is some more interest, you can read the magazine.



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