• Several Books

    Tolkien’s Books about Middle - earth The Hobbit The Lo..Middle - earth The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. Unfinished Tales

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  • Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Age

    Today I wanna tell you a bit about the Elizabethan Age and the most fa.. "Henry IV."; "Henry V."; "Henry VIII.".

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  • Shaquille O'Neal

    Shaquille O'Neal is one of America's most famous basketball stars. He'..." Today Shaq says, "Do you know what? My mother was right!"

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  • Sign of Four

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May the 22 1.. realised that his friend were killed he throw the treasure in the river.

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  • Sitting Bull

    Tatanka Iyotake, known throughout the world as Sitting Bull, ranks as .. His seventeen-year-old son and six others also died in the encounter.

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  • Snowboard

    SNOWBOARD 1.History: The inventor was Jim Burton 1983. Sims also got..'re now informed better about snowboarding than you have been before!

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  • Soccer

    Football is an 11-a-side field game played with a spherical ball; the ..t Europe who attended the "Euro 96" European Championship that summer.

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  • Solaris

    More information about Lem Introduction During the..University, Pullman 99164-5020. Version dated June 13, 1995.

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  • Solaris

    Study Guide for Stanislaw Lem: Solaris (1961) More information abou..s "life ends but not love." What does thelast sentence of the novel mean?

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  • Some notes about England

    SOME NOTES ABOUT ENGLAND English is today the most widely used of all l..art is pastureland. Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your attention.

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  • Space

    SPACE 1 Space - History 1.1 A dream On October 4, 1957, the ..;t, but do not know for sure if faster than light travel is possible.

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  • Space Exploration

    Table of contents Introduction page 2 1. The Sputn.. than one meter and maintain this position for a few minutes or hours.

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  • Sports in Chicago

    Sports in Chicago Sport plays a very important role in Chicago. The.. - Internet Fact files: Sport in the English - speaking world

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  • Stonewall (Film report)

    English homework on the 31st of October, 1997 Film report (Stonewal..re were lots of vocabularies inside, which I’ve never heard before.

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  • Strain within the family

    The changing fabric of personal relations During the current era of ec.. dawn, it should cause amazement why so many of them still stay together.

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