Fiesta (The Sun Also Rises)

Characters: Jake- in love with Brett

Robert Cohn- Jakes tennis partner, writer; in love with Brett

Bill Gorton- Jakes friend

Mike Campbell- Bretts boyfriend

Brett Ashley

About the author:

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in 1899. His father was a doctor and he was the second of six children.

In 1917 Hemingway joined the Kansas City Star as a cub reporter, then he volunteered to work as an ambulance driver at the Italian front.

He returned to America in 1919 and married 2 years later.

After some years years he resigned from journalism to devote himself to fiction.

his first two works where: - Three Stories And Ten Poems

- In Our Time

His first hit was " The Torrents of Sring".

He was passionatly involved with bull-fighting, big-game hunting and deep-sea fishing which is reflected in his writing.

His writing style is direct and deceptively simple.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature at 1954.

Ernest Hemingway died in 1961.


The story takes place at Paris in the twenties. Is is about a group of Americans who were loose- living on money from home.

They spend their time with parties, wine, tennis, girls and so on.

One day at a party, Cohn and Jake met Brett Ashley. She was irresistibly beautiful and aristocratic. They both fell in love with her.

They realized that Brett was in love with Mike Campbell. They have a nice time in Paris and after a while living there Jake and Bill, a friend of him dicided to go to Spain for the Fiesta.

Cohn, Mike and Brett went with them, too.

Jake, Bill and Cohn drove to Pamplona, a city in Spain by car, Mike and Brett came some days later by train. Bill and Jake went wishing to a nice little village for some days, while Cohn stayed to wait for Brett.

At the little village Bill and Jake had an exellent time together. Sleeping, fishing, hiking and drinking wine....they enjoyed it very much.

When they got back to Pamplona by bus they found Brett and Mike already there.

The preparations for the fiesta where finished and the bulls arrived at Pamplona. They where great and strong animals.

In the evening they where at a café, drank a lot and Mike got very drunk. He shouted at Robert and told him that he was rid of him and that he shout stop running after Brett. He also told him that he wasn't wanted and that he should leave.

On the next day the Fiesta started.

It was wonderful, there where dancers and singers everywhere and everyone was friendly and polite.

It is a kind of tradition that on their way to the stables, the young men of the town have their fun while running away from the bulls. Sometimes a bull catches a man and throws him into the air. This time it happened like that and a man was killed.

The first bullfights where very exciting. All af them enjoyed it very much, but Jake was very fond of it. It was a kind of hobby from him to watch bullfights.

They got introduced to the star of the fiesta, Pedro Romero. He was a very beautiful and strong young man. Brett fell in love with him from the moment she saw him the first time.

She asked Jake what to do and he told her to follow her heart.

They met Cohn, Bill and Mike at the café and it came to a rumble. Cohn was jelouse about Jake so he shouted and insulted him.

Jake tried to hit Cohn, because he called him a pimp, but he missed. Robert hit him 3 times into the face and Jake fell down.

Then Mike tried to help, but Cohn knocked him down, too.

On the next day, Cohn went into Jakes room and said he was very sorry about it.

At first Jake send him to hell, but he didn't leave the room until they shook hands.

Jake visited the bullfight where a man was badly insured by a bull and at the café he got to know that he was dead.

At the café Jake asked Bill what happened after he and Mike were knocked down and Bill told him that Cohn went up into Romeros room and hit him, too. Then he felt sorry and wanted to shake hands with him, but Romero kept getting up and getting knocked down again. Cohn couldn't knock Romero down.

After about fifteen times getting knocked down, Brett held Romero down and helped him to the bed. Cohn said that he wouldn't hit him again. So Romero stood up and hit him in the face as hard as he could. Then he sat down at the floor. Robert wanted to help him, but Romero said if he helped him, he would kill him and he would kill him anyway if he wasn't out of town this morning.

Mike realized that Brett was in love with the Pedro Romero and got quite angry.

For the next bullfight, Romero hid his face with a robe.

After the fight Bill and Jake sat into a café and had some absinthes. Bill said that Robert Cohn went up to Paris to his former girl-friend, Frances.

When Jake got up to his room, he met Mike, who told him that Brett got away with Romero.

This was the last day of the fiesta and all of a sudden all the party admosphere, the dancers in the streets and the whole crowd where gone.

Mike, Bill and Jake rent a car and drove to Saint Jeune where Mike was going to stay. Then they drove to the train station and Bill got into the train to Paris.

Jake drove to France, but after some days he went back to Spain.

After some time swimming and relaxing, Jake got a message from Brett that said:

could you come Hotel Montana madrid am rather in trouble brett.

Jake took the next train to Madrid. At the Hotel Montana Jake met Brett and she told her that she left Romero, because he insisted to marry her.

They went for a diner and took some drinks..then they sat into a taxi cab and left...

Personal Statement

I enjoyed reading the book very much. It was full of atmosphere and joy. It was a pleasure to read it. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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