Black boy

A young black boy lived with his family in a house. He and his brother had to be quiet the whole day because Granny was very ill. The young boy felt always very bored and one day he decided to play a new game. He burnt straws form the broom in the fire. He was very interested how it would look like if he hold the burning straws under the curtains. His brother said no but it was to late the curtains caught fire and the house began to burn down. The boy was very afraid and he hid under the house. But as his father found him he beat him so hard that he had to stay in bed when they wanted him to live.

One day they drove by ship to Memphis and they lived in a small flat. The two boys had to be quiet the daytime because their father slept because he worked in the night. One day they found a kitten which meowed very loud. The father came out and ordered that the kitten should be quiet. If not they should kill it. The young boy made the words true and killed the kitten. His mother was very angry and beat him. His father beat him not because he know what he had said. Now the boy had showed his father that he hate him.

His mother ordered that he should give the kitten in a grave. He was very afraid but in the end he did it. After he had bury the kitten he prayed with his mother a prayer.

One day the father left the family and so there wasn't food in the house. The boys became very hungry and so the mother worked as a cook.

One evening the mother told the young boy that he had to do the shopping and she showed him the way to the shopping center. He was very proud.

One the next day when he went shopping some boys fought him down and stole the money. The black boy was very afraid and he didn't want to do the shopping again. But his mother said that he either come home with food or stay away.

On the next day he was afraid but he fought the boys down and so he won the rights to the streets of Memphis.

One evening he looked in a saloon and a man threw him into. They bought him drinks and soon he was drunken. He earned money for saying words he didn't understand to everybody. Now he was very often drunken. His mother was very angry and sent him and her brother to an old black woman who watched them every time.

In the afternoon the school children played outside and left their books on the ground. The black boy was very interested what was in them. He asked his mother to learn him how to read. Now he had questions to his mother very often but she was so tired in the evening that she refused to answer the questions.

One cold morning he had to wait for the coal man. When he came the boy paid the coal. The man asked him how much change he should give him. He didn't know. The man was very shocked that the boy couldn't count and so he learnd him how to count very fast. The boy was very happy and as his mother came home she was very surprised about it.

He went to school later then the other boys. He was afraid because he hadn't good school clothes.

In school he was so nervous that the other pupils had to tell the teacher his name. On the playground he was in a group of boys and he learned in half an hour more about boys and girls than everybody had told him before.

When he came home he took a soap and ran on the street and wrote the words which he had learned on all the windows. Soon a woman stopped him and brought him to his mother. She was very angry and ordered that he had to clean all the windows.

Soon his mother felt ill and their wasn't much food. His mother decided to give the two boys in an orphan house. The black boy hated this house and one night he decided to run away. But when he was in the town he was afraid and soon a white policeman took him back to the house. They beat him very hard and he decided to run away again but they watched him very closley.

Some weeks later his mum decided to drive to her sister in Elaine. On the way they would visit Granny. In Granny's house lived a coloured schoolteacher. One afternoon the black boy asked her if she would tell him what's in the book she was reading. She said no because Granny had forbidden it but after a few time she did it. She told him the story about "Bluebeard and his seven wifes". The boy liked it and asked many questions.

When she was on the end Granny came and she was very angry because the girl had told him this story.

On the next day they left Granny and arrived by train Arkansas. The black boy had many questions because he couldn't understand that the whites and blacks are seperate.

When they arrived Elaine the black boy was happy. His aunt lived in a house with a fence. His uncle was the owner of a saloon but his mother forbad her brother to take the boy with him.

When they went to eat the boy was very shocked because there was so many food on the table. When they had finished there were many biscuits left and the boy hid them so that he had always bread to eat because he was afraid that there is no food on the next day.

Uncle Hoskins went very often in the saloon. He had always a gun with him because he knew that white men wanted to kill him. One evening he went in the saloon but in the morning he wasn't at home. Aunt Maggie wanted to go in the saloon but she remembered that her husband said that she shouldn't. She looked into the beedroom and saw that the gun was here. Suddenly a boy came and told her that a white man killed Mr. Hoskins. He also said that she shouldn't go to the saloon because the white men would kill her too.

The two women took all their things and left the town.They stopped in West Helen but Maggie would go back to Elaine.

Richards mother and Maggie cooked in the house of white folk and he and his brother attend school.

At that time Richard saw a plane at the first time.

When Richard was older he began to play the role of a black boy. The blacks stoned the whites when they came in their region.

At that time his mother became ill and they had to look at her on day and night.

Richard wrote Granny to come. When she came he wrote letters to her children to please for money. They got money and his mother was taken to the train in an ambulance. They drove to Jackson. All their relatives came and talked about the two children.

Aunt Maggie took Richards brother and he went with Uncle Clark.

In school Richard won his rights quickly.

As he experienced that in his new room a boy died he couldn't sleep anymore. He wanted back to Jackson.

When he came to his mother he was very happy. His mother needed an operation. In the hospital in which she was examined was no room for coloured people and so the ambulance took her away.

Now his mother felt better and he attend a school and his teacher was Aunt Addie. They had always quarrel.

One day he decided to write a story but when he was finish he thought it was not good.

In High school the live was not easier. He had to fight and to study. He was always hungry and an other boy said to him that he should sell newspaper to get money. He loved the idea because so he could read the newspaper. One day a friend of the family showed him a newspaper. Richard read it and there were many Anti-Negro articles in it. Since this moment he didn't sell the newspaper.

At that time his grandpa died.

He wandet to have a job because he had so dirty clothes but Granny disagreed.

He wanted to leave home to have a job but now Granny agreed and his mother loved him.

He had different jobs. One afternoon he decided to write a story. When he finished he thought what he could do with it. Richard decided to show it the boss of the Negro newspaper. They printed it and Richard was very happy. Now he dreamed of going to North and writing stories. But everybody said that it was wrong to do this.

He was the boy who had to say the speech at graduation night. He wrote a speech but the principal gave him a speech. Richard wanted to say his own speech. The principal said when he would do this he didn't get a job as teacher. At the graduation night he said his speech and went away. He didn't wanted to see any of them again.

Now he worked in a shop. One day he delivered parcels with the bicycle. He had a puncture. A car came and took the boy with them. They beat him because he didn't say "Sir". The whites treated the blacks very horrible.

Later he worked in a cinema. An other boy said that he should sell tickets twice times. After a few weeks he decided to leave the town because he hated this live.

He went to Memphis and worked in a factory. The whites were trying to make Richard and Harrison to kill each other. They wanted to pay 5 dollars if they would fight. After the fight Harrison and Richard didn't felt very well because they had done something they didn'd wanted to do.

Now he often took books from the library for whites. Blacks were not allowed to read the books. One day he asked a white man if he would give him his card so that he could read. On the next day Richard got the card of the white's wife and so he could read books.

After a while Richard and his family decided to went to the North.

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