Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Linda is a slave and talks about her live.

In her childhood she doesn't know that she is a slave because she is treated very well. As her mother dies she is very sad and now she slowley knows that she is a slave. Her mistress is very nice and treats her not bad. When she dies the young slave comes to her sister's daughter.

Dr. Flint is a very bad slaveholder. He treats the slaves very horrible.

At this time the father of the slave dies and also Grandmothers mistress dies. Granny gets sold and her new owner gives her her freedom.

The slaves New Years day is the day on which the slaves come to a new master. It is very horrible. For example seven children from a mother are sold to an other master as the mother. It is very terrible for her.

When Linda is 15 years old her master speaks foul words in her ears. It is a horrible epoche of the girl. Now she isn't a girl. Now she is a woman.

In her childhood she fell in love with a free man but he can't buy her because her master Dr. Flint doesn't want to sell her. She is very unhappy. The End of this love is, that her lover leaves to Savannah.

Linda's master builds a house for her own. During this she fells in love to another free man. This time is very horrible for her because she becomes pregnant and her grandmother repudiates her. She visits a friend of her mother and she helps her to get the love of her grandmother back.

After a few month Lina becomes very ill and gets her baby. She always prays for her son that he dies because dead is better than a slave live. But as he becomes ill she prays for his live.

After a while Nat Turners insurrection broke out. Until they find him every slave house is controlled by the whites. It is very horrible because they treat the slaves very bad. As they find Nat he gets in prison.

After this the traders decides that the slaves should go to church. If they sing they look very happy. But are they happy ? The second priest is very nice and friendly. He loves the slaves but after his wife dies he is very sad.

One day a man comes to Linda and asks her to learn him reading so that he can read the bible. She says yes and helps him.

After her master experienceds that Linda is pregnant again he cuts her hair as a punishment. She gets a girl. At this time her grandmother helps her that her children gets a Christian name.

One day a man ist willing to buy Linda but her master says no. He sells Rose and as she visits Granny and her ex-master sees her he says that she should go away. But Granny says that she can stay in her house and has a big quarrel with Dr. Flint.

Dr. Flint makes Lina a suggestion: Either she lives free in a house and have to do works for his family or she has to go to another plantation.

Linda wants to go to the other plantation because she doesn't trust Dr. Flint.

She also thinks that the paper for freedom will give her no rights because they are not legal.

On the new plantation she works in the house. At this time she plans to escape. As the day of run away comes Linda is very frightened. She leaves at midnight and hides by a friend. A old lady, a friend, comes to Granny and says to her that she wants to help Linda. Linda meets Betty, a servant of the old lady, in the night. She brings her to the house and hides her. Linda's children are now in prison. She is very sad and hopes that they become sold soon.

After a few days Mr. Flint sells her children and William to a trader. The trader sells them to Mr. Sand, the father of the children.

As Linda expirienceds this she is very happy.

One day Mr. Flint searches the house and so Linda has to leave because it is too dangerous. She goes with Peter and lands in the end near Grannys house.

She hides in Grannys gimlet. There she is safe because Dr. Flint thinks that she is in New York. On Christmas Day she has to be very quiet because all doors are open for all the people. A few days later Mr. Sands plans to go to Washington. Linda speaks to him secretly before he leaves that he should give her children their freedom. He agrees and goes away. Linda is very tired so that Uncle Philipp brings her in her den.

Linda writes a letter which a friend gives in a letter-box in New York so that Dr. Flint thinks she is in New York. As Dr. Flint gets the letter he writes one of his own and shows it to Granny. He writes that Linda wants back and Philipp should bring her home.

As Mr. Sands comes home he is without William because the abolotionists speaks to him and so he stays with them.

Mr. Sands has a new wife and she wants to see the two children. She decides to adopt Benny. Ellen adopts his cousin in Illinois. Linda is very sad and decides to see Ellen before she leaves. Linda stays a whole night with her and she is very happy. One day Peter comes with an idea to escape. But before she runs away in the Free States she speaks to Benny. She tells him that they will live together in the Free States.

They escape with a vessel. When they, Funny, a friend, and Linda, arrives Chesapeake Bay they see the sunrise and they feel like free women.

When they arrive Philadelphia, Linda is very surprised. The city is very strange. They stay by a nice family for a few days. As they leave by train they make a experience. Black people are not allowed to drive in the first class. There is an extra wagon for Blacks.

When Lina arrives New York she meets her daughter. Linda is very happy and wants to find a job.

Soon she gets a job as a nurse by Mrs. Bruce. One day she meets William. Both are very happy. Also Benny comes a few day later to her mother.

One day Linda drives with the family Bruce to Rockaway. It is very horrible for her because the servants treat her very bad. For example they doesn't want to serve her the meal in the room.

When she is back Mr. Thones comes to Mr. Hobbes. Ellen stays by Mr. Hobbes. Mr. Thones writes to Dr. Flint that he knows where Linda is. Linda is angry and she flews with Ellen to Brooklyn where Benny is. Some times later Mrs. Bruce dies and Mr. Bruce decides to visit relatives in England. When they come back Linda gets a letter from Miss Emily Flint. She wants that she comes to her. But Linda wants to be free.

During this time Linda sends Emily to a boarding school. Emily likes the school and Benny goes with William to California.

As the Fugitive slave law becomes stronger Linda goes to England. When Mr. Flint looses track at her she goes back to New York. ( In England she lives by a senator who not voted for the Fugitive slave law. In Uncle Tom's cabin the senator voted for this law. )

A few month later she gets a letter which says that Mr. Flint is dead.

His daughter wants Linda back but Mr. Bruce buys Linda free.

Now Linda and her children are free.

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