The Time Machine

The story plays somewhere in England at the end of the nineteenth century. A scientist has invited several people to his house. There he tells them his theorie of a time machine. Then he even brings a miniature model of this machine and experiments with it. At last he shows them the real version of his time machine, which isn't ready at that time. One week later there was another meeting at the time traveller's house. However, he isn't here. After the group of people, who have come to him, had dinner, the time traveller suddenly appears. After he had eaten a little bit, he tells his story, that he was time travelling. He tells that he moved into the year 802 701. There he "landed" with his time machine. He found an Earth with quite strange creatures, he had never seen before. He dines with them and finds out that those creatures don't know any meat. During this meal he tries to lern a little bit of the creatures' language. Then he goes outside the town, where he halted with the machine and thought, how the world had changed from mankind to such type of creatures. As he went back he suddenly became frightened. His machine has disappeared. However, although he is looking for it, he can't find it. He thinks that that creatures must have taken it away. While he's thinking how he could get his machine, he rescued one of the creatures, her name is Weena, out of the water. She now becomes a companion of the time traveller. Then the time traveller recognised that there also is a second type of creatures, creatures of the dark, called the Morlocks. Now he knows, that the Morlocks must have taken away his machine. He descends to the underground, where the Morlocks live, but he has to escape, because his matches have gone and fire is the only weapon against the Morlocks. Now the time traveller also like the upper-worlders, called Eloi, becomes frightened of the dark and the Morlocks. He considers the relationship between the Eloi and the Morlocks and finds out, that the Morlocks dominate the Eloi. At the same day he put Weena on his shoulders and they both go to a huge green palace on a hill outside of town. However, it is quite far and darkness is aprroaching and their fear of the Morlocks grows. However, they spend the night safety. At the next day they reach the large palace and find out that it is a ruined museum. There he finds matches, camphor and a metal bar, which he wants to use fightening against the Morlocks. On the way back they had to sleep in a forest because of tiredness. However, now the Morlocks come. At first the time traveller tries to fend off the Morlocks with his metal bar. But there was no result. So he set fire to the forest and it burned quite well because there was no rain until the time traveller has come and it has been hot all the time. But now the Morlocks become blinded of the fire. However Weena suddenly has disappeared. In the next morning the time traveller goes to the town of the Elois again. There he found his time machine. Now the Morlocks make their last attempt to trap him, but he escapes. Then he moves further on in time, but he only finds a cold and lifeless earth while the sun is dying. Now the time traveller comes back.

After he has told his story to his visitors, they doubt his story. The next time when the narrator of the book wants to visit the time traveller he has disappeared and he was never seen again.

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