Summery from "Matilda", written by Roald Dahl

Author: Roald Dahl

Titel: Matilda

Pages: 240

Publisher: Puffin Books 1989

Printed: in England

Illustrated: by Quentin Blake

"Matilda", which was written by Roald Dahl, tells about a small exceptional girl. When one day she is attacked by her headmistress, Matilda
discovers that she has got an unusal talent.

Matilda, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warmwood and sister of Michael, is a very sensitive and brilliant five years old girl. Because her
parents are not very interested in her, Matilda learns very early to live on her own. She learns very quick and so she can already cook and read!
Besides Matilda is a filled with enthusiasm reader. She loves to go to the library, where she borrows a lot of books once a week.

One day, Mr. Trunchbull, the headmistress of a small school, buys a car from Mr.Warmwood. When he realizes that Mrs. Trunchbull is a very
strict person, he sends Matilda to the woman’s school.

Matilda, who always wanted to go to school, is very happy about the decision from her father. In short time she makes many friends in her new
class, besides she gets to know the first human - being, who pays attention to her - namely Mrs. Honey, her teacher.

Mrs. Honey is a very lovely and friendly young woman. She realizes very early, that Matilda is a very intelligent girl. She wants to support her and
so she tries to talk to Mrs. Trunchbull and to Matilda’s parents about her talents. But they don’t listen.

One day something strange happens. Mrs. Trunchbull visited Matilda’s class and one of the kids, Lavander, plays a trick on her. She gives
in the jug of water, which belongs to the headmistress, a slimy, tiny newt.

So, when Mrs. Trunchbull drinks from the water, the whole class laugh. When she sees the newt in her glass, she gets very angry and blames
Matilda, that she plays a trick on her.

Mrs. Trunchbull starts to shout at her, waiting that the tiny girl starts to cry. But Matilda doesn’t cry, she only gets angrier and angrier.

Suddenly she has an extraordinary, strange feeling. She stares at the glass, which stands on the table and it begins to wabble and suddenly it fells.

At first, Matilda doesn’t understand what has happened, but then she begins to deal with her new talent.

One day, Matilda and Mrs. Honey got good friends, the teacher tells her that Mrs. Trunchbull is her terrible aunt, who always opresses her since
she was a child.

Matilda, who is very concerned from her teacher’s story, wants to help her.

So, when the headmistress visites the classs again, suddenly a piece of chalk begins to move and it writes on the table following text:

"Agatha, this is Magnus (her brother, Mrs. Honey’s father).

This is Magnus and you’d better believe it. Agatha, give my Jenny (Mrs. Honey) back her house and her wages. Then get out
of here. If you don’t, I’ll come and get you like you got me. I am watching you, Agatha."

With these words Mrs. Trunchbull gets an hysterical fit and runs away. Nobody has ever seen her again, after this day.

Mrs. Honey realizes unbelievable that Matilda was the person, who has moved the chalk and she smiles at her. When Matilda comes home this
afternoon, her parents want to leave the city. The girl guesses that they want to go, because her father is a crook. Because she doesn’t want
to go away, Matilda runs to Mrs. Honey to asf her for advice. Mrs. Honey knows only one way out. She adopts the child and now they live
happily together.

I enjoyed the book very much, because it’s written in an amusing kind of way. Matilda is such a lovely small girl, it seems so unfair, that a
child like her has got such awful parents. You hope until the end of the book, that something happens, which changes her life in a life, which Matilda

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