Graffiti- Art or vandalism?

You go through the streets. Then you come to a house, which was rebuilt two weeks ago. And then you see spells like "Kurze Lederhosen sind geil" in contrast to the white walls of the house. You go on and you see a wonderful graffiti on an old wall. You ask yourself now: Is graffiti art or vandalism?
In my opinion graffiti is art and vandalism. On the one hand some graffitis are looking very good,
and graffers are really talented, on the other hand those people damage private or public property. Especially those graffers, if you can say graffers to them, who only spray their name or a silly spell on a wall, are vandalists. Real graffiti, like a nice picture is art and it embellishes the town if you don't find it on the walls of "Specks Hof" or "Gr├Ânl├Ąnder". If somebody sprayed something at one of these buildings he wouldn' t embellish the face of the town, he would destroy this look. But the bigger problems are guys, who only spray little, silly things on walls and new houses. Those people harm the reputation of the graffiti scene and give a negative touch to it. The real graffers can't identify with them, because that silly fools spray everywhere, and have no respect for their works. Vandalists think they are cool when spraying "Vfb - Hools" or the name of a group on a wall. That form of graffiti is not art - it's vandalism. But on the other hand those sprayers, whose pictures are art, spray at night, because they know, that it is illegal. These guys mostly spray on old walls and not on new houses and there is the different to the other groups of sprayers. They plan the pictures and make sketches like an artist.
Concluding you can say that the town must provide places where the artists are allowed to spray, so that they can show what is possible to do with talent. One of thoses places you can find at the main station, but this is not enough. The vandalists must be forced to clean all the ugly graffitis.

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