Avantages and disadvantages of Advertising

Advantages and ddisadvantages of Advertising

Nowadays TV can't be seen without advertising. Advertising on TV is a big source of income for the TV channels.
First I want to start with the advantages. If advertising didn't create mass markets for products, we would have to pay a lot more for many goods. An important function of advertising is that it informs people. Advertisements introduce to us new products or remind us of the ones we already know about. However, advertisements are often fun to see, because they can be very entertaining. In addition it's a fact that many television companies couldn't subsist without this sort of revenue. We enjoy so many broadcast programms, because of the money spent by advertisers.
Nevertheless, it is important to name the disadvantages of advertising. Although, advertising absorbs millions of pounds each year, many companies don't stop advertising and don't reduce the price of their goods. Moreover, advertisements are persuasive and they are a form of brainwashing. For example, advertising creates demand for things we don't really need. Furthermore, we have no choice, because we are exposed to advertising wherever we are. Advertising is present in buses, railway stations, supermarkets and so on. In addition commercials are an annoying interruption of TV programms. Worst of all is, that commercials determine the idea of what is beautiful and attractive. This makes it hard for young people to develop self - confidence and elf - esteem. However it has to be said that good quality products don't really need to be advertised.
In conclusion it is a fact that advertising produces clich├Ę descriptions. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of advertising I think that advertising has got more negative aspects. In my opinion advertisements are an annoying interruption on TV and they are also a form of brainwashing.

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