David Copperfield

David Copperfield

The book is written by CHARLES DICKENS, one of England's greatest novelists, who lived from 1812 to 1870.

The main settinqs are:

    Blunderstone, in Suffolk Yarmouth Kent London

The main characters are:

    DAVID COPPEPFIELD: He is the person whose life is told in the story. MR. MURDSTONE: David's stepfather, a very stern and cruel man who sometimes beats young david. CLARA PEGGOTTY: She is the servant of the Copperfield's and she loves David like a son. (Everybody calls her Peggotty, because Mrs. Copperfield is also named "Clora".) STEERFORTH: David's best friend.

David Copperfield is a half - orphan, but when he is eight, his mother marries Mr. Murdstone, a very stern and cruel man. David bites his stepfather's hand and because of this he is sent away to a boarding school. There he gets to know Steerforth, who takes care of him. One day David is told that his mother is dead. Mr. Murdstone doesn't care about him and he is allowed to make a short holiday in Yarmouth to visit Peggotty's family. But home again his stepfather sends him to London to a warehouse to work. David hates his work so he runs away to his father's aunt. She adopts him and he can go to a "good' school. He becomes a friend of Agnes, who is the daughter of Mr.Wickfield, the man in whose house David lives now. After he has finished school he visits Peggotty's family with Steerforth. ,Steerforth falls in love with Emily (she is adopted by Peggotty"s brother ) who is promised to Ham Peggotty.So Steerforth and Emily run away. after a short time Steerforth abandones Emily cind he and Ham die in a terrible storm. David recogrlizes thcit he loves Agnes who has always been like a sister to him. They marry.

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