This report gives you a historical overview of Dresden and some information about the sights in Dresden. Based upon the following chronicle I gave a presentation about Dresden to the staff of the Bury Partnership. The listing is not quite complete - only the important dates are mentioned.

1206 first documentary mention of Dresden, the name came from the name Drezdany (area on the left hand side from the river Elbe), on the right hand side the name Nisan or Nisani was expected, this name appeared at first 1013
1216 first documentary mention of Dresden as a town
1287 first documentary mention of a stony bridge
1299 first mention of the town - wall
1309 oldest town - signet
1403 "Altdresden" (on the right hand side from the river Elbe) got the town - law
1485 Dresden was residence - town of "albertinische Wettiner"
1491 big town fire - -> new building - law (stone houses in the corners)
1556 Dresden was the single mint in Saxony
1582 Dresden got the a coat of arms
1676 laying out the big garden (Großer Garten)
1694 "August der Starke" it's meant "August the strong" came into power
1697 August the strong got the Polish crown,
Dresden got the status of an European capital

1709 August the Strong gave order to make gold in 1709. J. F.
Böttger said, "I can produce it." That's why August the strong invited Böttger to show it. But August the strong perceived that's was only a trick.
For this reason Böttger was arrested in the fortress Königstein. Böttger tried to produced gold and he had success. But he developed not the right gold he developed the white gold. It called porcelain.

1732 Dresden on the right hand side from the river Elbe (Altdresden)
was the new king - town - -> today "Neustadt"
1763 peace of Hubertusburg,
- -> lost the Polish crown and the Saxony super power was finished
Friedrich August 2. and count of Br√ľhl are death
1806 kingdom of Saxony of for favour of Napoleon
1815 cession of same territories to "Preussen" for the "Wiener Congress":
1821 first trade on the river Elbe from Dresden to Hamburg
1839 the rail - line Dresden - Leipzig was opened
1861 the zoo in Dresden was installed
1893 - 1898 main station "Hauptbahnhof" with reception - hall was built
1918 Dresden became the capital of Saxony
1945 13th/14th of February, extensive destruction of Dresden through Anglo - American airforce


1696 first plan to build the Zwinger, the Zwinger is one of the famous buildings in Germany
1711 the most important construction year for the Zwinger,
order by August the strong
1718 - 1719 Porcelain Pavilion" and Germany Pavilion", opera house by Porcelain Pavilion, "Redoutensaal" by Germany Pavilion was built (D. Pöppelmann)
1728 Zwinger became a building for art collections like a museum


1838 - 1841 first opera house from G. Semper was built
1869 fire in the first opera house
1870 - 1878 second opera house was built (G. and Manfred Semper)
1978 - 1984 reconstruction

Castle in Moritzburg

1582 - 1584 first Castle in Moritzburg was built (H. Dehn - Rothfelser)
1693 construction of the famous animal garden
1769 - 1782 Fasanerie in Moritzburg was built (J. D. Schade)


1272 first mention of the Castle
1560 installation of the art - room (Heirich Göding Hofmaler)
1661 - 1672 first fixed opera house was built (W. C. von Klengel)
1692 - 1693 English staircase was built English stairs (G. Starcke and C. Beyer)
1760 - 1762 the last big project to extension the castle


1706 - 1711 Taschenbergpalais was built (M. D. Pöppelmann)
this was built for countess Cosel (a mistress of August the strong)

1715 Dutch - Palais for earl Flemming was built (J. R. Fäsch)

1720 - 1724 Water - Palais in Pillnitz was built (M. D. Pöppelmann)

1722 - 1723 Hill - Palais in Pillnitz was built (M. D. Pöppelmann)
1725 integration of the French Garden in Pillniz
1787 Rundtempel in Pillniz was built (C. T. Weinling)
1804 Chinese - Pavilion in Pillniz was built (C. F. Schuricht)
1818 - 1826 New Palais was built (C. F. Schuricht)

1723 - 1729 Wackerbarthpalais was built (J. C. Knöffel)

1727 - 1728 Japanese - Palais was built

1734 Br√ľhlsches Palais was built (J. C. Kn√∂ffel)
1843 monument of Friedrich August 1. (G. Semper) on the Br√ľhlsche Terrace

Gr√ľnes Gew√∂lbe

1721 - 1724 installation of eight rooms in the Green Vault (D. Pöppelmann, R. Leplat)


1234 construction of the church "Kreuzkirche"
1272 first mention of the church "Franziskanerkirche" with monastery
1316 first mention of the church "Frauenkirche"
1403 the church "Dreikönigskirche"was built, as a "Pfarrkirche"
1723 - 1727 the church in Pillnitz was built (M. D. Pöppelmann)
1728 - 1730 the church "Matthäuskirche" in Friedrichstadt was built (D. Pöppelmann)
1738 - 1775 Catholic "Hofkirche" was built (G. Chiaveri)
1874 - 1878 "Johanneskirche" was built (G. L. Möckel)
1883 - 1887 Martin - Luther - Church was built (E. Giese)

Franziskanerkirche (later Sophienkirche)
1272 first mention with monastery
1599 reconstruction of the old Franziskanerkirche, now "Sophienkirche"
1720 - 1721 installation of the organ of G. Silbermann
1737 Sophienkirche became a "Evangelische Hof" - Church

1234 construction of the Kreuz - Chapel
1499 opening of the new Kreuzkirche
1760 the church was destroyed
1764 - 1766 began to build the Kreuzkirche
1945 - 1955 reconstruction

1316 first mention of the Frauenkirche
1477 extension - -> first medal of Dresden
1726 lay the foundation of the Frauenkirche from G. Bährs
1727 demolition of the old Frauenkirche

1403 first Dreikönigskirche was built
1421 first documentary mention
1732 - 1739 third Deikönigskirche was built (D. Pöppelmann, G. Bähr, J - G - Fehre)

Catholic Hof - Church
1738 began to build the Catholic Hof - Church
1946 - 1976 reconstruction

Wall and Fortification

1299 first mention of the Town - Wall
1546 - 1550 last important reconstruction of the fortress (C. V. von Wierandt)
1569 - 1574 new fortress behind the castle was built (Rochus von Lynar)
1589 - 1592 fortress on the river Elbe was built
1632 second fortification of Altendresden,
1809 deconstruction of the fortress by order of Napoleon


1287 first documentary mention of a stony bridge
1343 new Elbe - bridge (after destruction through the ice)
Between 19. and 20. century were built some other bridges.

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