Harold and Maude

Sandra Zeinlinger

Harold and Maude
by Colin Higgins

I never read a book like this before.The book is about a twenty - year - old boy called Harold who likes funerals and hearses. Maude, his girlfriend is eighty years old ; she likes fast cars and modelling in the nude. It's a very funny book but in the end it's really sad because Maulde kills herself.
I like the book because this book is very different from the other books. It was the first time that I read such a delightful love story.

After Maude's death Harold vistits her grave every day. Sometimes he takes his banjo with him to the grave and plays Maude's song. That makes him feel better. After two years Harold meets a twenty - year - old girl at the cementery. Her name is Carol. Carol's husband died too and so she
visits his grave also every day.
After a while Harold tells Carol about Maude and him and that nobody accepted their relationship. Carol is very astonish, when she hears this story because she was also in love with an much older man.
They both has a similar past so they get along very well with eachother.
One year after they met, they married and they promise never to die so soon like their lovers before did.

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