San Francisco

San Francisco one of the most beautiful cities of the USA was built - like Rom - on seven hills and it is stamped of victorianish houses and of different parts of the city, the most famous part is "Chinatown".
1. Location
San Francisco is situated at the north end of a 50 km long island between the Pacific and the bay. S.F. has 750 000 inhabitants with the surroundings - total six million people.
San Francisco can be reached across the Oakland Bridge and across the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is the landmark of this city, openend in 1937 and built from Joseph Strauss.
2. Climate
The climate in the bay of San Francisco is normally temperate. The rainy months are from november to march, altough december and january are the coldest ones. During the summer you can see the phanomeneon of the thick fog.
3. Historical apogees
1776 - Spanish founded the first mission in honour of Franz Assisi.
1847 - San Francisco got its name
1848 - San Francisco became part of the United States
1906 - The most terrible year in the history of S.F. An earthquake destroyed the entire city.
1989 - An earthquake with the power of 7.1 on the scala destroyed S.F. again. A part of the Oakland freeway and Bay Bridge were broken too.

4. Siqhts
Fisherman 's Wharf:
It is the boarder of North Beach and in earlier times it was a harbour and the best shops are situated on PIER 39.
Opposite the Pier there is a group of sealions. From there you can see ALCATRAZ, which was once a prison for the worst criminals like AL CAPONE.
Union Square:
It is in the near of the most famous hotels and it is called
"The Heart" of this city. The name is coming from an assembly in the civil war.
Chinatown is the biggest chinese town outside of Asia.
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