Kent - Garden of England

Kent - Garden of England

1. Topography and Climate
Kent is situated in the south - east of England. Kent is a rural county with a gentle climate and nearly no frost. Kent is often described as the Garden of England. Agriculture has always been a way of life and adds something very special to the landscape.

2. Map of Kent
Kent covers an area of 3.731 which is a bit bigger than Saarland

3. Landmarks
Towns: Canterbury; Maidstone; Royal Tunbridge Wells; Rochester
Castles: Dover Castle; Tonbridge and Rochester Castles; Leeds Castle; Martello Towers
Gardens: Penshurst Place & Gardens; Sissinghurst and several other private gardens

4. History
Kent was first mentioned by name 2,300 years ago. The first settlements were built by Romans in 43 AD. The Normans invaded Kent in 1066. In 1940 The Battle of Britain was fought in the skies over Kent.

5. Famous people
Sir Winston Churchill (politician); Charles Dickens (writer); Jane Austen (novelist); Mick Jagger and David Bowie (both pop musicians)
Quellen: Kent Tourist Authority, Illustrated Guide to Britain

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