from David Bischoff

Protagonists: Dave Murpphy (alias Zero Cool) / Crash Override: The most popular Hacker
Kate Libby (alias Accid Burn): The girlfriend of Dave
Ramon Sanchiez (alias Phantom Freak): The Telephone King
Emilio Goldspin (alias Serial Killer): He is a little bit crazy
Paul Kirk (alias Lord Nightcome): Also a Hacker
Joe Bardela: He tries to become to the elite
Mr. Bellfort (alias The Blake): The security boss of the Gibson Network
Richard Gill: He is the official who fights against Hackers

Motto of the Hackers: This is our world, the world of electronic, the circuitry and the beauty
of the byte. We don’t know any nationality or religious instruction and different skin colours. You head wars, kill people, tell us lies and you said that this is for our own welfare but we should be criminal. Yes I am criminal, my perpetrate is called curiosity. I am a Hacker and this is my manifest. Perhaps you can stop me, but you cannot stop all of us.

Summary: The story plays in America, at first in Seattle (in the year 1988) and then in N.Y.C. .
Daves secret name is "Zero Cool" and he destroyed 1507 Computer with a virus on his Internet Access. The police enters his house and arrests him with 11 years. His judgement for this criminal offence is, that he is not allowed to have a Computer or an Internet Access up to his 18 birthday.
7 years later.
Dave lives now in New York City with his mother and with his Computer. He is very bored and so he use his Internet Access to take over a TV cannel. He enters the video liberty and juice his film. But he is not the only hacker. Somebody else, who is called "Accid Burn" try to through him out of his channel. On the next day he meets his dream girl in his new school, but she is not interested of him. Her name is Kate Libby. She tells Dave that there is a pool on the roof of the school building. So he walks up to the roof to see the pool, but this was only a trick. On the roof there is no pool but some other guys who are locked out. It starts to rain and all the students are getting wet before they were saved by somebody. Dave is very angry about this joke and he wants revenge.
Dave meets some other hackers, for example the "Phantom Freak" and "Joe Bardela". Freak tells him where the meeting point for Hackers is. In the evening, Dave goes there and meets Kate again. She plays a computer game on which she has the best ranking until this time. This is the chance for Dave to show her that he is better. From this time on Kate hates Dave. But Dave wants more revenge.
From his computer at home he enters into the school - system and changes the testtime of the fire alarm. At 9:00 o’clock the fire alarm starts and Kate is getting very wet from the sprinkler, while Dave stands under a prepared umbrella. This should be the revenge for Kate.
In the evening, Dave meets his friends and they talk about their adventure in the Internet. Finally they talk about the Gibson (a Computer, which is not hackable). Joe would like to get popular and therefor he wants to enter into this computer. The security boss notice that and traces the connection back. Joe needs a piece of evidence to show the other hackers that he was in the computersystem. So he copies only the garbage file to destroy nothing else.
During this time Mr. Bellfort find out where the Hacker is. Joe can not make a copy from the whole file because it is time to bed and his mother comes into his room and turns off the computer. Next day the police stands in front of Joe’s door and arrest him.
Dave, Ramon and Emilio walk to a friend who is called Paul. They watch together the show "Hack the planet". The stars of this show are "Razor and Blade". They show the audience some tricks how hackers work. At the same time Mr. Bellfort calls for a crisis conference with the management of his ship - company to tell the officials that Joe had installed a dangerous Virus into the Gibson - Computer - System. But Mr. Bellfort know that the boy is innocent, because he installed the virus by himself. The Virus would destroy the oil - ships and will produce an ecological catastrophe. The creator of this Virus would like 5$ Mio. Dollar or 5 Oil tanker will sink.
The police could not find the diskette with the code in Joe’s apartment and send the boy home to shadow him. The next suspect person for the police is Dave. At next day there is a big party at Kate’s home. During this party Kate and Dave comes closer because Dave find out that the secret hacker "Accid Burn" is in reality Kate Libby. They start a duel to find out who is the best Hacker of them. If Dave wins this fight, Kate has to wear a dress and must spend an evening with him. When Kate wins, Dave has to wear a woman’s dress. The enemy for this fight is the disagreeable Mr. Richard Gill who hunts the hackers.
Kate starts the fight and destroys the creditcard of Mr. Gill. But Dave has a better idea, he registers Richard in a sex - contact - magazine. The result of this trick is that a lot of people calls him. Kate opens the police file and write, that Mr. Gill has 113 offence in the traffic. Mr. Gill is arrested. On the next step Dave declares Mr. Gill as dead. This was not the best idea because the match is over and draw.
Joe meets Freak and tells him that he has the diskette with the dates of the ship - company. Freak notice that the police shadows them and run away. In the following Ramon is arrested. Freak calls Kate to tell her, where the diskette is. Kate and Emilio need Dave to check the diskette, but Dave cannot do this because he is afraid to be also arrested again. He can only copy the disk.
Mr. Bellfort finds out, that Dave has the diskette and blackmail him. Blake breaks into the FBI computer and changes the file of Dave’s mother. She is now a dangerous killer. Dave has no chance and he gives a copy to Blake. The FBI file is now changed, and his mother is safe. Dave walks to his friends to give them the original disk. He starts to decipher the information. Finally they find out that this is a dangerous virus and a worm (= this worm eat only small but many amounts from people with an account. The worm has now 200 $ Mio. Dollar. When the worm finishes his trip he destroys his track with the Virus).
The problem is to big for the young people and therefore they need help from the top hackers, Razor and Blade. But they tell them only that they need more people for this cup and they will try to find a way.
Crash, Accid, Freak, Serial and Joe meet together and start the cup. First they inject a Virus in the whole building of the ship company and then 4 of the 5 inject a special Virus into the Gibson - system (to save time). But the Anti - Virus program is too good. In the last seconds every Hacker on the world unite together. Dave finds the garbage file, copy the whole file and destroys the virus.
The worm is death and all ships are save in the ocean. But the hackers have not enough time to leave their place and the police arrest everybody there. Only Serial can flee. Dave tells him, where the disk is. He finds the disk and goes to Razor & Blade. They enter the most popular TV show and tell the population of N.Y.C the true. → Happy End.

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