Black People


‘black’ was an insult in former times à people avoided the term ‘black’ à in the late 60ies and 70ies: ‘black is beautiful!’ à opinions are undergoing changes à movements like ‘black power’ developed => very radical movement à Malcolm X
there were times when you couldn’t talk about ‘negro’ à from Latin word ‘niger’ à the swearword ‘nigger’ developed

Afro - American history: talked about misconceptions concerning black resistance in the US à slavery was an all - American problem à slavery was exercised from North to South - America à Brazil was a brutal slave - holding country for a very long time à the slaves worked on sugar and cotton plantations à there was humid climate

end of slavery => American Civil War: president A. Lincoln
11 pro - slavery states seceded from the Union à Washington D.C. was situated on the Potomac - river (the border between N and S) à North: was industrialized à Puritan, business - orientated US part - South: a deeply rooted feudal society with big estates (gr. Ländereien) - the S became a strong rival for the N, because the S had people who worked for nothing

a lot of ‘missing pages’ in US history à e.g. / many Cowboys were black / they sang religious songs (about Moses and the Bible); ‘Ohio - River’ à Marc Twain / there were also black Founding Fathers à Chicago (at Lake Michigan) was founded of a black man
F. Douglas - 1895 - told the people: ‘We must fight back!’ à he didn’t accept the segregation (Rassentrennung) à progress through struggle à ‘you cannot get crops without ploughing’ (pflügen) - F. Douglas was a predecessor of Malcolm X

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