Living in the country

Living In The Country 

We’ve read that living in the city has advantages and disadvantages. About living in the country it is the same.

Let’s first talk about the advantages.
The biggest plus for living in the country, is the space. In the country you have much more space to live. For example, most of the people in the country have their own garden. If you want to relax you can either sit in your garden or you can go for a walk. The towns in the country aren’t as overcrowded as the cities are so you won’t meet a lot of people. Some people say that the life in the country is a lonely one. But I think that’s wrong. In the country you know the whole village. If you are bored, you can call in at your neighbours, or you can go to the local pub, and I’m sure you will meet someone you know.
But there are also a lot of disadvantages of living in the country.
First, it is often hard to find a job, so you have to go to the city. That’s a big disadvantage, ‘cause you should have your own car. Without a car, you have to use the mostly bad public traffic transports to the city. In the country you don’t have a lot of possibilities to do something interesting. For example, you don’t have a museum, there’s no cinema, no disco, you can’t go shopping because there’s no shopping mall. These are also points why you should have a car.
Most of the people think that the air is better in the country than in the city. But that’s wrong. In the suburbs, the air is often worse than in the city, ‘cause the ozone load is bigger. That’s why there isn’t any nitrogen monoxide that kills the ozone.
I listed the fact, that everybody knows each other among advantages, but it can also be a disadvantage. Because in country - towns there are a lot of rumours. "This one did this and the other one was in bed with the third one" and so on. This may be very disagreeable, because it doesn’t matter what you do, the whole village will know it.

Concluding I living in the city, because there’s much more to do. You can enjoy the nightlife without owning a car. But I understand the older people who want to relax in the country, away from the city - stress.
Maybe one time I’ll move also to the country to have my silence and to enjoy my evening of life.

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