The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

Talking about Rolling Stones; founded in 1962 by Keith Richards & Mick Jagger (friends and schoolmates()
Name from Muddy Waters "Rollin' Stone Blue"; other group members Charlie Watts & Ronnie Wood;(Ian Stewart, Brian Jones & Mick Taylor)

1963 Charlie Watts joins the band; with him first gigs of the Stones
1964 first time Top 10 with Album "Not Fade Away" No. 3
in June of 1964 first time No. 1 and gold record with Album "It's all over now"
1965 most famous Album "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" appears
1967 first tour through Europe
1969 Brian Jones left on June 8 (wanted to form a new grop)
one month later (July 3) he died cause of Drugs !
new guitarist Mick Taylor from the band "John Mayall's Bluesbreakers"

1972 the Stones toured through the States; great Success
1974 Mick Taylor left Stones like Brian 5 years before
(wanted to start a solo career)
1980 June Single "Emotional Rescue" appears, hits in first week Top 10
1982 second tour through Europe; several nights in Wembley Stadium
1985 Mick and Tina Turner in duet (Philadelphia); whipped her shirt off;
in front of 1,5 mio. viewers

1987 Keith's first solo Album for Virgin Records™ (don't know Name)
1988 Mick's second solo Album "Primitive Cool"
1989 Stones inducted in the Hall of Fame

1990 tour through Japan; 10 times 50.000 people audience in Korakuen Dome
1991 in November signed contract with Virgin Records™; then the five members immersed themselve in solo projects

1993 celebrating of 30thanniversary of the release of the first single in 1963
1994 Voodoo Lounge tour through U.S.A.; their last big gig; shower of Praise from fans and critics
hope that they will make new Songs
and now song from Rolling Stones: "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

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