New York

E - Referat NEW YORK
Thomas Schardinger und Weber Johannes

When you hear the name New York most people think of the city, skyscrapers and the statue of liberty but N.Y. is also a state.
THE STATE: The state N. Y. is in the Northeast of the USA. It has got 127190 squarekilometers and there live about 18 million people. 85 per cent live in N.Y. city. A lot of people do not know that the capital of N.Y. is Albany because they believe it is N.Y. city. Many years ago N.Y. had the largest number of people but now it has California.
1623 till 1664 the state belonged to the colony of the Netherlands. Later the Britain’s possessed it .In 1788 N.Y. became the 11th state of the USA.

THE CITY: The city N.Y. is near the East - coast of the USA. The Hudson - River flows through the city N.Y. is the biggest town of the state N.Y. and even of the whole USA. It consists of 6 districts : Brooklyn ,Bronx ,Manhattan ,Queens, Staten Island and Greater N.Y. and they have together 816 squarekilometers and about 7 million inhabitants. Manhattan is the centre of N. Y. and it has got about 40 km2 .N.Y. is the cultural and economic metropole of the USA. It has got 6 universities, many wellknown museen for example: Museum of Art, - Modern Art, - of Indian Art ,Guggenheim Museum, Brooklyn Museum and a lot of libraries.
In 1842 the N.Y. Philharmonicer Orchestra was based. Friends of music know this orchestra very well because it is very famous. At the Broadway, a popular street, there are many and big theatres.
In N.Y. are gardens for example the Botanicer Garden.

A lot of people from different countries live in N. Y. and so there are special parts where the same race of people live f. e. China Town ,Little Italy ,Harlem ,there live black,.....and more.
N.Y. is a very big metropole for the world market and the USA. The harbours are very important for the industry, the airports ,for instance the biggest and most famous one the Kennedy International Airport, are important ,too ,because with ships and planes they export a lot of things.
It is hardly to believe that in N.Y. city are nearly 60 bridges and it is almost impossible that every day 15000 taxis take people to places wherever they want.
When you go sight seeing in N.Y. it is inpropable that you can visit all the famous sights because there are so many. A lot of people know the statue of liberty in N.Y. .In 1866 N.Y. got it from France. Also famous are the skyscrapers and the highest one of the world is the Empire State Building .It was built in 1931 and it is 448 meters high. Very extremely high buildings are : the Rocke Feller Centre at the East River with 38 stores and the World Strate Centre with 110 stores. But all sights we have counted are new and modern buildings and two older buildings are the France Tavern which was built in 1719 and is museum ,too and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.
In N.Y. there are many parks and the biggest and most famous one is the Central Park in Manhattan.
Now we want to tell you about the history of N.Y.. In 1626 it was a important station of the Netherlands called New Amsterdam and became the capital of the colony of the New - Netherlands. In 1664 Britain took over the town and called it New York. 1789 till 1797 N.Y. was the capital of the state N.Y. In the 19th century the city has begun very important for the world market. In 1898 the district Greater New York was based. Now this district is called New York city.

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