The discovery and colonization of Australia

The discovery and colonization of Australia

First "settlement" and first human activities

There are really not many absolutly sure things to tell about the first settlement of Australia,
so the first dates about human activities in australia are even not exact.
After the archaeological things of the last years had been found, it's clear that there were humans, surely 45000 years before our time: The Aboriginies, who were settlers, too.
With the help of a new dating - system - technologie some primitive human instruments, which had been found near sydney in 1986 could be dated about 40000 years B.C..
Some "younger" instruments, between 18 - and 35000 B.C, of the "first settlers" had been found in the following years all over the country of Australia.
So some people say that the first "imigration" of Australia, the Aboriginies, took place in 3 or 4 waves of imigration.
The only sure thing is the origin of the imigration : south - east Asia. Because the icetime the sea today is 200meters higher than before 10000 years. So there was a way between Vietnam, Indonesia, some small Islands in the south - west Pacific and at last Australia, and the "settlers" just went further to settle the next Island, till they found Austrlia. Propably they first settled all around the coast of Australia and then moved into central Australia.
But I think because they drove with primitive "boats" and didn't really now where they were driving and what they had found, "settlers" or even "first settlers" is really the wrong word.
There's even a theory wich says that there were even primitiver humans before, who were partly took into slavery and partly chased away to tasmania by the "new settlers".
In fact a primitive kind of humans lived in tasmania from this time on, and had been completly annihilated
by the white settlers in the 19thcentury.

The first "discoverers" of Australia

The first "visitors" of Australia are propably from asia. About the 6thcentury the chinese made many
sea voyages in the region of the south - west pacific, so it is nearly sure, but not proved, that some
chinese commercial people reached the coast of Australia to find somebody to trade.
The only sure thing is that the famous chinese seafarer Cheng Ho had been at a place near Darwin,
because some chinese instruments of him (Signatur) had been found there.
About one hundred years later some seafarers of the indonesian Island Celebes, the Bugenieses,
travelled one time per year to Australia to collect many sea cucumbers at the coast and sell it at their cradle.

The "official" discovery and colonization of Australia

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