Sports in Chicago

Sports in Chicago

Sport plays a very important role in Chicago. There are three sports they are really crazy about: The first one is basketball. Like in the whole of the USA basketball is very popular in Chicago. Due to the team of the Bulls, Chicago has reached its present situation as far as basketball is concerned.
Over the past ten years the Chicago Bulls have been the top team. They have won every basketball event, 5 NBA titles included. The best players of the world played for this team, like the legendary Michael Jordan. He is said to be the best player who has ever lived. He is also the person who earns the most money in sports. In the past few years he made about 30 million dollars. Several years in a row he became the MVP, which means he was the Most Valuable Player of the season. He won anything that is possible. Michael Jordan has played for the Bulls since he left College. Some people say that he had already become a legend when still at College. All the players of the team get a lot of money. Two players who must not be forgotten are Scotti Pippen and Dennis Rodman. They are also very popular and they are also big idols. These three players are vital for the Bulls. The value of these players is unimaginable for the Bulls and the city. Thanks to their enormous abilities the Bulls won the last two titles. The stadium of the Bulls is a huge arena called "United Center", where more than 25 000 people can watch a game. The ticket prices range from $20 to $75; but on the black market people pay up to $200. The team has to play 82 games per year. The season runs from November through June, depending on playoff dates. Home games are sold out well in advance for months. They have to travel across the whole of the USA up to Seattle at the Pacific Ocean or to Houston in Texas.
There is one other professional basketball team in Chicago. It is called "Chicago Rockers". They don't play in the NBA but in the CBA (Continental Basketball Association).


The second important sport in Chicago is baseball. Baseball is at least as popular as basketball. In almost every big city in America a huge stadium is available. Sometimes there is room for more than 80 000 people. For the Americans it is like a national sport. The names of Chicago's baseball teams are "Chicago White Sox" and "Chicago Cubs". The Cubs' new arena has almost 90 000 seats for visitors. It is one of the most modern baseball stadiums in the world. The prices range from $7 to $14.
The Sox is a good team. Many famous players play there. They earn money in the same dimensions like the basketball stars. The Sox also won some national titles. Tikets range from $7 to $40.

Many Europeans don't even know the rules of baseball although its origins are in Britain. So here they are:
The game is played in a diamond - shaped infield. It's like a square. The four edges are known as the home plate, first plate, second plate and third plate. One team bats, the other one is in the field. The object of the team at bat is to advance the batter to each of the plates until he has completed the run. If the batter succeeds in hitting the ball over the perimeter fence he gets a run. A batter can only score if he has hit the ball in front of him. The side fielding has nine players and their aim is to prevent runs being scored. The pitcher, the man who throws the ball, stands 20 yards away and tries to throw the ball into the area known as the strike zone, which is an imaginary box level with the batter's knees and shoulders. If the ball misses the strike zone and the batter does not bat, the umpire calls "a ball". If the ball goes into the strike zone and the batter does not hit the ball, the umpire calls "strike". After four "balls" the batter walks to the first base. After three "strikes" the batter is out. The team with the most runs wins the game. There are nine innings in a game and most games last around three hours.


The third sport is football. The season begins in September. There are two important teams called "Chicago Bears" and "Northwestern Wildcats". The Bears are called the "Monsters of the Midway" because of their rough behaviour. Over the past few years they have had some good seasons. Their stadium is next to Lake Michigan. The ticket prices range from $20 to $80.
In 1995 the Wildcats had a dream season. They became one of Chicago's sports favourites. Their tickets cost around $10.

These are the three most popular sports in Chicago, but, of course, people like other sports as well.
Take hockey for example. Chicago has got two professional hockey teams called "Chicago Blackhawks" and "Chicago Wolves". Their season begins in November and ends in the late spring, depending on the playoff schedule. They sometimes get lost in the publicity which surrounds their famous stadium mates, the Chicago Bulls. The Blackhawkes play in the same arena like the Bulls. The wolves are members of the IHL (International Hockey League). They are perhaps more famous than the Blackhawks. Ticket prices range from $15 to $75.
Canoeing is also popular in Chicago. On Lake Michigan there are fantastic conditions. There are many opportunities on the rivers and lakes around Chicago. You can rent a canoe for $30 per day.
In Chicago there are 6 public golf courses. This is quite a lot. The most famous one might be "Sidney R. Marovitz Golf Course". Sometimes there are championships. This course opens in summer at 6 am and closes at 7:30 pm. Some fanatic golfers even appear in winter if there is no snow. Most 18 - hole rounds at a public course cost $9 - $20. But the golfers have to bring their own equipment.
Cross - Country Skiing is also liked there. There are wonderful runs in and around the city. Cross - country skis can be rented there for $25 up to $30.
Close to Chicago there is a big ski resort. It is called "Wilmot Mountain". In this resort you can find 25 runs, including a new half - pipe run for snowboarders. Many people from Chicago drive up after work for night skiing. The slopes are open until 11 pm. One weekend card costs around $25.


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