A plan for achieving schools without drugs

In Germany there are more than 120.000 people addicted to drugs and 20.000 of them are consuming the most dangerous thing, which is called heroin. In the last two years the number of drug addict grew up, what shows that the problem is still alive. But everybody can help to destroy the chance of not spreading out.

Especially the parents of children are responsible with their ecucation to teach standarts of right and wrong, and demonstrate these standarts through personal example. They should help their son or daughter to resist peer pressure to use drugs by supervising thier activities, knowing who their friends are, and talking with them about their interests and problems. The main thing is to be knowledgeable about drugs and signs of drug use. When symptoms are observed, a professional must help.

The school is the parents' most important partner. They have to determine the extent and character of drug use, monitor that use regulary and of course establishing clear and specific rules regarding drug use that include strong corrective actions. Schools could implement a comprehensive drug prevention currieculum for kindergarten throuh last grade, teaching that drug use is wrong and harmful, and supporting and strengthening resistance to drugs.

And finally the students must be interested in these kinds of themes. That means if they don't agree with the dangerous warnings the plan won't be successful. Knowing only a bit about drugs is not enough. Pupils should learn about the effects of drug use, the reasons why drugs are terrible against their health, and ways to resist pressures to try drugs.

After all everybody must decide himself if he wants to consume drugs or not. But he have to bear the consequences, too and live with the cance of dieing maybe. The wourld around him can only help to make a decission against.

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