Sign of Four

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May the 22 1859 in Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland. First he studied medical at the university of edinburgh and than practices as doctor for a short time. In 1879 he published his first short story and eigth years later his first novel. This novel was his first Sherlock Homes story. Later three other novells and five books with short storys followed.
In his whole life Doyle was author of more than 50 book, he wrote about history (The White Company), science fiction (The Lost World) and many other topics, but he is best know for his Sherlock Holmes storys.
In 1902 he was knighted for his work on the war propaganda book The War in South Africa: Its Cause and Conduct.
In his hole life he was interessted in spiritualism and mystic. After his son died in World War I he spent the rest of his life on this topic, he also wrote some books about this topic and in the year 1930 he died.

Sign of Four (1890)

This is one of the early works of Doly and the second Sherlock Holmes story. The story is about the detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson.
All starts in the apartment of Holmes and Watson were they met a lady, Miss Morstan. She told about her father who disappeared after a journey to India and that four years later the saw an atvertisment in the newspaper whichs asks for the address of Miss Morston. The next day she advertised her address in the newspaper and than received some pearls, but without a letter.
Some years later she got a letter, which told her that she can have a meeting with the mystiriouse person, therefore she asked Holmes to came with her.
They come with her and meet Thaddeus Sholto, he told them that his father was with Miss Morstans father in Indian and there they found a treasure, the Agra Treasure, but after that Miss Morstan father and Major Shalto had a little fight about the treasure and Miss Morstans father died in the end of it, because he had a very weak heard. After that Major Shalto had hid the body and hid the treasure.
As Major Salto began to die he want to tell his sons about the treasure, but before he had finished he died. His sons had some pearls from the treasure and they send the pearls to Miss Morstan, because his father had told them to share the treasure with the daughter of Captain Morstan. And now they had found the treasure, but as they walked to Thadeous Shaltos brother with had the treasure they found him dead and the treasure was stolen, he was killed by a poision thorn. After a little search Holmes found some foodprints on the ground and followed them, until they came to a river were the morderer must have travel with a boat. Holmes found out that the murderer what to escape to america and the next day he and the police waited on the river to chatch the murderer. They catch the murderer, but had to kill the murderers friend.
After the got the murderer he told them that he and three friend found the treasure, but they could not get it, because they were in prision. There they meet Major Shalto and Captain Morlton and planed that Morton and Shalto should get the treasure and than free the four prisoners, but Shalto and Morton want the treasure for there own and therefore the murderer, the last suviour of the for prisoners, observed Major Shalto to get the treasure back. And after he get the treasure and tried to escape and realised that his friend were killed he throw the treasure in the river.

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