Girl against the Jungle

By Monica Vincent

It was on Cristmas - eve at Lima Airport. Suzanne and her mother wanted to get home to Suzanne’s dad. Her dad lives in Pucalpa. That’s a little town in the South American Jungle. In the plane, Suzanne sat next to a window. After the Take - off she saw the tops of the Andes mountains. After a while she saw the big jungle trees. She hadn’t seen the jungle for three months. Suddenly the plane rolled from one side to the other. She looked out of the window. There was a flash of lightning. Then the plane started to spin. A great flame flashed out of the right wing. Her mother cried: "That’s the end!!!" Then there was a loud BANG. The plane crashed. Suzanne was alone in the jungle. She was wet and cold. She didn’t find her glasses and she only had one shoe. On the other food she had a nasty cut. Suzanne was very weak, so she began to sleep. Next day she heard dad’s voice in her head. "Find a river. Rivers are the roads of the jungle." it said. Her parents lived in the jungle many years, so they knew lots of rules. She found a stick and walked. She had to find a river. After a while Suzanne heard the sound of water. Between big trees she saw a little stream. She went to the stream and washed her. She lost a lot of blood. Then she remembered the piranhas. Piranhas are little fish with sharp teeth and they smell blood. Suzanne can’t walk in the stream, so she walked on the stream bank. After a while she saw a seat of the plane. Next to the seats she saw three dead bodies. She rested there and slept. Next day she walked slowly through the jungle. She found the rest of the plane. Her mother was dead. Suzanne was afraid but she didn’t cry. Next day it started to rain heavy. She found shelter under big trees. After the rain the stream was a river. Suzanne wanted to swim(that’s faster) but she remembered the piranhas. So she walked along the bank away. After a while she felt tired and began to sleep. In the meanwhile Suzanne’s father listened to the radio. "The plane from Lima crashed in the jungle. All passengers were dead. "it said. He felt weak but he didn’t cry. Next day Suzanne walked along the river bank. Suddenly she saw a boat in the river. Two Indian hunters sat in. But the boat drove away. She felt weak. Suddenly a man shouted: "Hello!" Then the boat came back. Suzanne jumped into the boat. She began to sleep. When she got up, a doctor stand in front of her. She was in a hospital. "You are very ill; The maggots nearly killed you." the doctor said. "But I must get home to my father." Suzanne cried. The a visitor came in. It was Suzanne’s father. Both were very happy. For the first time since the crash both cry.

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