KINDS OF Crimes:
    Vandalism (on demonstrations, in football stadiums ( hostility, don’t work together, competition itself is the problem)), rape kidnapping black - mailing steaming mugging shop - lifting homicide (drowning, shooting, to choke, throttling, poisoning, stabbing) theft Domestic violence (parents hit child, husband beats wife) Robbery summery offences (Verwarnung) fraud & forgery (Betrug und Fälschung) sexual offences

Why are they violent?

1. Poverty

    Injustice TV alcoholic, drugs, insulted, provocation social circumstances inferiority complex (can’t express oneself) peer - pressure intolerance lack in education

    Shop - lifting pick pocketing theft vandalism mugging, mobbing, assault

    Peer - pressure show off for the kick discontent it needs no preparation family violence angry about the establishment hopelessness (no future generation) boredom inferiority complex neglected by parents permissive society (too much allowed, no punishment), drugs education failures they can’t distinguish between fiction and reality

Why are boys more often involved than girls?
    They are more aggressive girls are under closer observation of their parents girls aren’t caught by the police boys have less inhibitions to commit a crime boys are more endanger to receive aggression have to proof themselves

Why is today more often crime committed than in the past?
    Violence has been accepted Lack of education Permissive society (nobody sets tem any limits, too much freedom) Parents neglect them (money, job) Egoistic society /drive (nobody cares about the other if it’s good for himself) No future generation Urban life (unemployment, lack of community) To fend on you (doing nothing sensible in their spare time)

What shall we do?
    More spare times facilities Advertising against violence Fewer brutal programmes broadcast Educational standard lowered down Parents should better care (closer observation) More jobs Psychological help (Adequate punishment)

    Prison doesn’t reform Prison costs They collects bad ideas by others are easily to be influenced by grown ups psychologically sick juvenile no job because it’s noted in the criminal report (senses get dulled towards violence)

    Deterrent Factor Or they try it again and again Should think about that what they have done

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