Law of the USA

LAW of the USA

    Based on legal priciples from English Common law, re - embodied in the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendements to the American Constitution. No uniform legal Code

Judical Institutions :

    Department of Justice established in 1870 Federal Bureau of Investigations for serious crimes, rather like Scotland Yard or BKA Courts : district Courts, County ( Circuit ) Courts, State Supreme Court. Jury : consists of 12 persons, deciding between innocent or guilt .

Offices connected with the Law :

    Sherrif : Head of County Police force Chief of Justice : appointed by President for life with consent of senate .
Or by a variety of Ways
    No National Police System, no unarmed Police force Most State Judges are chosen by popular vote à Much Criticism Term ranges between 2 Years and for life. At County Courts rarely longer than 4 Years .

Sentencing :

    Minor offences are regulatet with fines Felonies ( heavier Crimes ) cause imprisonment Serious Crimes ( Murder ) can even cause death penalty .

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