Features of a short story

features of a short story:
- limited number of characters
- short time spen
- one main action
- limited places of action
- characters are not fully developed
- often open ending
- mostly no exposition: - text starts with the action itself
- special event in the life of the charcters

point - of - view:
first - person - narrator
The story is told from the pint of view of the first
person narrator. We know it from sentences like...(I,me)
third - person - limited - narrator
The narrator can only see what Mr.X sees, not more.
He is not the Mr.X himself because he uses the third
person and keeps his distance to him. So it must be a
narrator outside the story who sees through the boys eyes.
third - person - observe - narrator
He is outside the story and does not look into the
mind of any person.
third - person - omniscient - narrator
The narrator is outside the story. he is informed about
everything. He knows what individual characters think
and feel and he adds his own view. So he is all knowing.

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