Martin Luther King - Malcom X

Martin Luther King

January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968
son of a Baptist minister
black middle class family
excellent student
in college to become minister
doctoral degree in Boston College
own church in Montgomery, Alabama
wife Coretta

Nobel Peace Prize
was arrested several times
house bombed
shot on protest march

same belief in equality, peace and justice for all
experience with segregation and discrimination
non - violent attitude
non - violent crusade
in movement for black equality
fight for justice ("Montgomery Improvement Association")
marches to show unity and power
"children’s crusade": friendly, peaceful, quarter white
president of "Southern Christian Leadership Conference"
progress in registering black voters in the South
sensed that Blacks in the North have been neglected
1966: Leader without movement, but no giving up
fight against American involvement in Vietnam and for world peace; petitionsMalcolm X

May 19, 1925 - February 21, 1965
son of poor country priest
well - educated, pretty mother
racial attacks in school => gave up school
never enough to eat
family wanted to escape oppressive racism
severe problems with white racist gangs ("Ku - Klux - Klan") => father killed
struggle for survival, too much for mother =>mentally ill
moved to Boston and joined gangs
drinking, gambling, smoking
own gang (burglaring, stealing) => caught => sentenced to 10 years in prison => end of life of crime

eloquent, powerful debater
lost right to speak in public for 90 days
house firebombed
trips to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Algeria, Mecca
shot on meeting of OAAU

same belief in equality, peace and justice for all
left school because of discrimination and racial attacks
black self - defence and militancy
"Black Power"
said that Kennedy got what he deserved when he was shot
representative of NOI (Nation of Islam)
left NOI
founder of Organisation of Afro American Unity and Muslim Mosques Inc.
Raised funds for his institutions
was recognized on his trips and watched by governments
spoke in public about tensions because of Vietnam war, about police brutality and civil disobedience
found that for Africans American Blacks are "long - lost cousins" and that not all white men are evil
national figure => police on his side
refused protection

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