Men in Black

Men in Black
Main characters: An old man, called K (Tommy Lee Jones), he is the partner of J. J is a black man, at first he is a cop and works by NYPD. One day he discovers a bug and so he comes to MIB. There, he loses his ID. Now he is Man in Black and he has to take care of the aliens in Manhattan, there live about 1000 aliens, they are looking like humans, but they are aliens.

Setting/time: The movie takes place in Manhattan, in our time.

K and J, are working by MIB, they have to defend the galaxy and they also have to fight against the bugs.

At first a bug comes to a farmer house, there he kills Edgar and takes his suit. Then he is searching for the galaxy. The Men in Black try to find the galaxy too, but that’s not easy, because the chef of the aliens in Manhattan hides the galaxy. The bug kills many people and so that’s the chance for K and J, they are searching, where the bug killed people. In the end the bug finds the galaxy, and so the MIB have to fight against the bug. That’s not easy, because the bug is very big and so K and J have to use their special weapons. The fight is successful and so they can defend the galaxy. In the end of the story J is flashing K, because he won’t be a Man in Black anymore. But J finds a nice lady, who wants to be by MIB.

This movie is a science fiction movie, because Dennis Rodman and Sylvester Stallone aren’t aliens. But there is a lot of humour and action in this movie, I like it very much. The best of all is when Will Smith is talking about his work and aliens, because this guy has a very strange slang. I think that K won’t be a Man in Black anymore, because he is to old and he wants to see his wife again. In the end of the story K wakes up from a 35 years Coma. That’s a nice happy end. J and his partner work for MIB and they buy new sun classes, which are looking better than the older ones.
This movie was one of the best I’ve every seen.

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